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Lego Dimensions – Part 3

LDBetween yesterday and today I think we (Vanessa, Zack and I) have put in about 15-18 hours into this game. I have to admit it’s an incredible journey that the entire family is enjoying! We have upgraded the Batmobile to the 3rd level and have it all the way there except the last one. We have also upgraded the Tardis to level 2. I will eventually post some pictures of the builds when they are all leveled out. A couple of the things I have really enjoyed in this is the small things, such as Doctor Who changing appearance each time he is killed. Just the little things. The music is phenomenal.

To the point though, we beat the main story mode¬† today and we starting playing around in the adventure worlds.¬† We also replayed the Wizard of Oz part of the main story and it was amazing how much stuff we missed in the first run through. I’m excited to add more characters and levels! In any case, such a fun time and so much more to do!