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Lego Dimensions – Part 6

LDToday we got another batch of figures in for Lego Dimensions! We got Aquaman and the Jurrasic World team set! We dove in as soon as we got home from work and got all the new items built and immediately jumped into the Jurrasic World Adventure World. We played around in there and got several gold bricks, picked up the red brick and did some exploring. It’s a beautiful world and I love the Raptor! As it stands we have still only 100% on one level, the Wizard of Oz Level on the main story. I wanted to try to get 100% on another level tonight but Vanessa was sleepy so we decided to just stick to adventure worlds and getting gold bricks for the evening.

Also, we did get a display case for the character figures today to help organize the growing collection and I have to admit it does look quite awesome displayed!

Colony – Season 1 Episode 1

Colony 1Today I decided to take a look at the new series that is set to start on January 14th on USA called Colony. This is a new series featuring Josh Holloway, for you Lost fans that is the person that played Sawyer. This series is slotted for a 10 episode first season and the pilot episode released on USA’s website for early viewing, which is what I done. I am going to share my thoughts about what the series is about, what I think of it and so on from my perspective below. Keep in mind, I could be completely wrong in my assumptions of what is happening, but hey, that’s what makes blogging fun, right?

So the episode throws us into the world pretty quickly and it’s very apparent that something is going on, something major has changed the world. It is portrayed as an occupation, by whom…or what, I am not sure. After watching the first episode I am assuming it’s some sort of alien, but that’s never really shown in the episode, except the ship hyper-accelerating as a show at one point. But anyway, the show is following two character, a husband and wife (and their kids) as they try to survive in this world. By the end of the episode we learn that the dad was ex-military and FBI in the fugitive program and the people that are part of the occupation want him to work for them. His wife, however, is part of the resistance to get rid of the occupation. Based on what we have seen so far I don’t think the husband knows she is part of the resistance. It seems that there is a line drawn in the sand for those that side with the occupation and those that do not.

After watching the first episode I have to say that I am indeed intrigued and I am in fact excited to see where this series goes. It really does seem like a pretty large undertaking that should be a fun thing to watch!


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Today we are going to take a look at the movie Interstellar. I noticed that it was added to Amazon Prime Video so I decided to use the Xbox One app and give it a go. I am going to do some of the blog as I watch it and then a recap at the end. I won’t do a lot of blogging during though so it may seem scattered at times. Hang in there. Here we go… Interstellar 2One of the first things I was immediately excited about was the fact that, I assume, this is a sci-fi movie and I seen that it had John Lithgow in it. I have loved him in everything from 3rd Rock from the Son to Dexter. In any case, let’s keep watching. The first part of the movie seems focused around them messing around with a drone and something about dust. I do, however, immediately feel a bit lost in the story-line. So apparently the world ran out of farmers so now they only choose a select few to go to the university, everyone else is delegated to farm so it doesn’t happen again. I am just spit-balling trying to understand the story as we go. So you get to discover as I discover! So I am now to the part with the first dust storm shots, very reminiscent of the dust bowl dust storm in the early 19th century I believe it was. This ‘ghost’ the little girl keeps talking about, my first thoughts is that it’s some sort of alien? So the movie got really intense and really good and I didn’t type for probably an hour. I am an hour and a half in now, a little over half way through. The story is AMAZING so far. Let’s keep watching… InterstellarSo I didn’t write anything else until now, when the movie was over because it had my attention the whole time. What an incredible movie this was! The writing, the acting, the whole thing was incredible. The ending was just right. If you haven’t watched this yet, you should!