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Horror Block August 2016

2016-09-07_22-01-05Hey guys! Thanks for coming to check out today’s blog! We are checking out August’s Horror Block! I was VERY excited to get this box this month, even if it was a bit late. Check out the video below to see us open up the box and see what’s in side and talk about all the items:

Thanks for watching! Overall this month I was a bit disappointed but then again I had high expectations for it. I think Vanessa and I’s favorite item this month was the shirt. In any case make sure to subscribe to the Youtube channel! If you want to get your own Horror Block monthly subscription box CLICK HERE!

Nerd Block August 2016

2016-08-27_15.21.29Hey guys, thanks for joining us today as we crack open the August Nerd Block subscription box! This month had A LOT of great items in it that I wasn’t expecting! Check out the video below and watch us open up the box and talk about each item:

Thanks for watching the video, make sure to subscribe to the channel for more videos and to help support us! This month I think my favorite item was the Ghost Busters print! Vanessa said her favorite item was the Simpson’s book and Zack really liked the book as well! A lot of Simpson fans in this house! Anyway, thanks for watching the video and checking out the blog! Make sure to CLICK HERE if you want to get yourself a Nerd Block!
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Nerd Block July 2016 Un-Boxing

Welcome to my blog about the July Nerd Block subscription box! I was very excited to get this one and check it out and I must say I was not disappointed! You can check out the video below to see us do the unboxing as well as our reaction to the items. In future blogs (soon) I will include pictures of the items as well to make the blogs even more descriptive and fun!

The items in July’s box were quite nice, I have to admit I was not disappointed with it at all. Vanessa REALLY enjoyed her Zuul shirt! I think my favorite item out of the box was the Exclusive Harley Quinn keychain but the Joker plush came in a close second! The items this month were high quality, lots of exclusives! I sincerely doubt you’ll find any of this month’s items in our EBAY STORE, but you never know so make sure to keep an eye out!

If you did like this box and want to try it our for yourself make sure to use my link and you’ll also help support my blog a little!