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Lego Dimensions – Part 6

LDToday we got another batch of figures in for Lego Dimensions! We got Aquaman and the Jurrasic World team set! We dove in as soon as we got home from work and got all the new items built and immediately jumped into the Jurrasic World Adventure World. We played around in there and got several gold bricks, picked up the red brick and did some exploring. It’s a beautiful world and I love the Raptor! As it stands we have still only 100% on one level, the Wizard of Oz Level on the main story. I wanted to try to get 100% on another level tonight but Vanessa was sleepy so we decided to just stick to adventure worlds and getting gold bricks for the evening.

Also, we did get a display case for the character figures today to help organize the growing collection and I have to admit it does look quite awesome displayed!

Lego Dimensions – Part 5

LDToday we did make a couple of awesome advances. First and foremost we DID achieve the 1,000,000 studs and get the 2x stud multiplier! I was very excited about that. After that we did get some more additions to the collection in the mail today. We got Bart Simpson fun pack, Doc from Back to the Future fun pack and Emmet from Lego World. I also did contact Lego and they are sending me a replacement base for the Back to the Future level pack that was torn up. It was very hassle-free to get it replaced which made me very happy! I am impatient so I hate having to wait for it but it’s worth it. We did get Bart and his car built in today’s playing. Then we jumped right into the Simpson’s Adventure World (since we don’t have the level pack yet). We did some of the construction, got the red brick and got some gold bricks. We also did build Emmet’s Excavator as well! The collection has grown nicely!

After we done that for a while (and it getting close to bedtime because of work for us both) we decided to go ahead and build Doc’s Traveling Time Train as well.  We went into the Back to the Future Adventure World and played around a bit and got the red brick and a gold brick or two. Fun times!

Lego Dimensions – Part 4

LDIn today’s installment of Lego Dimensions I am going to include a short little video of our collection so far (minus the starting 3 characters and portal). It’s not in fantastic quality but it gets the point across so you can kinda see what we have.

A few other notes, we did play around much more in the Adventure worlds and we also did beat the Ghostbusters level pack today as well! I think that level pack is my favorite to date thus far. We also got the Back to the Future level pack today, sadly, one of the toy tags in the pack was messed up so we couldn’t finish the level until I can contact Lego and get it replaced. This is the first encounter we have had with defective items so I’m not too upset about it. But what we played of it up until that build was awesome. And we did also add the Scooby and Shaggy fun pack to the collection today as well and played around in that Adventure World after building Shaggy, Scooby, Mystery Machine and the Scooby Snack. I really have enjoyed that one as well. We did venture into the Wizard of Oz level in the main story mode again to farm some studs in an effort to hurry and use the 1,000,000 red brick to get 2x studs. As of this blog we hadn’t quite made it yet but hopefully in the next blog that will change. After that I think we are going to start trying to upgrade more vehicles as we wait for more additions to arrive! We did, however get ALL the minikits, rescue the Wizard of Oz and get RuleBreaker on this level! So we have everything done on it!

This has been an exciting (and expensive lol) adventure into Lego Dimensions but we as a family are having a blast! We may have to start taking donations to finish up all the collections! Ha! I have been ignoring all the other games I was working on for this one for the past 4 days now so that shows that it has been exceptional. Anyway, on to the video, check out the collection so far! If anyone wants to contribute a Portal Level Pack I would happily thank you by name in the blog and put a video or pictures of the unboxing in the blog as well. Just in case. That seems to be the hardest one to find unless you have it at a local store (which ours doesn’t).

Lego Dimensions – Part 3

LDBetween yesterday and today I think we (Vanessa, Zack and I) have put in about 15-18 hours into this game. I have to admit it’s an incredible journey that the entire family is enjoying! We have upgraded the Batmobile to the 3rd level and have it all the way there except the last one. We have also upgraded the Tardis to level 2. I will eventually post some pictures of the builds when they are all leveled out. A couple of the things I have really enjoyed in this is the small things, such as Doctor Who changing appearance each time he is killed. Just the little things. The music is phenomenal.

To the point though, we beat the main story mode  today and we starting playing around in the adventure worlds.  We also replayed the Wizard of Oz part of the main story and it was amazing how much stuff we missed in the first run through. I’m excited to add more characters and levels! In any case, such a fun time and so much more to do!

Lego Dimensions Part 2

Today we move into the next day of playing Lego Dimensions! The game installed overnight and was ready to go when we got home from work today. And as a little surprise, Vanessa brought home a Dr Who Play Set for it as well, pictures at the end of the blog.

We played the main game for one segment, got to get the portal set up and build the Batmobile. Then we went through the Wizard of Oz level which was really fun. Then we decided to take a side track and do the Dr Who set and we played through enough to build the Tardis and K9 and the Doctor. It is an incredible story line so far, very fun! The only thing, so far, that I am not liking about the whole thing is the way the checkpoints work. I didn’t know that if you didn’t exit at a checkpoint you had to start all over. And I am still unsure if I exit at a checkpoint in the Dr Who section and exit to go play the main story if it will start me back where I was in the Dr Who part when I want to go back to it. And I’m afraid to try it because I’m an hour into the Dr Who one. And that’s unfortunate.

In any case, VERY fun and I am very excited to keep growing our set and keep doing the blog and showing you guys our collection!