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Blog Entry 5/6 – Fear The Walking Dead – Season (so far) review

Hello everyone and welcome back to ChrisCarp’s Rambles! Today we are going to talk about Fear The Walking Dead. I wanted to share my thoughts on the new season so far. So let’s jump in…

The first episode of the season, as expected, was very centered on Morgan and how he is planted into the show moving forward. Don’t get me wrong, I love Morgan, but I feel that they spent too much time on the first episode of Fear and the finale episode of The Walking Dead setting it up. That said, the first episode wasn’t bad but wasn’t anything special. I did like the introduction of the new characters and am excited to see how they are used.

The second episode was a bit more along the lines of what the show normally is. I really enjoyed the first part of the episode when they are showing life inside the walls with the farms. 

As usual Nick’s character (and acting) is super annoying and I wish they’d leave him out of the show completely typically. The scene where he is driving out, however, was very well done and very relate-able and made me ALMOST like his character. I have no idea what is going on with the arrival of the people boarding the zombies and sitting there drinking. I do like the idea of this and the introduction of the new characters. I’m actually a bit more excited about this show than the original Walking Dead. The concept of what they do is very interesting. I really enjoy the direction of the show showing how life works in the walls. Turns out it was a flashback and then we move to Morgan again…

In the third episode of the season we see Nick destroying all the crops and burning them. I was a bit taken by surprise when we went back into a flashback sequence instead of present. But then it went back to present, thank goodness. I was very excited to see this first interaction!

The vehicle crash and first interactions between the newer characters and the old characters instantly drew my attention and I was very excited to see how it went. By the way, I am writing this review as I watch it live so it may be a bit scattered. I absolutely love the ton, and setting in this episode. The background noises, the whole thing is amazing. I may have said it before but I must say it again…I think this show is overtaking the original as far as interest by me. I really am enjoying the interaction between Nick and Morgan in this episode, which makes me happy because normally I don’t like interactions between Nick and anyone. Morgan showed him immediately just how bad-ass he was. The camera usage on this show does leave me wondering how hard/easy it is to get batteries in the apocalypse.  I have no idea what the hell Nick is trying to accomplish and wouldn’t even toss Morgan his stick. After punching him in his bum leg. This is why I can’t stand that character.

‘Because the truth matter’,  ‘The truth isn’t about words, it’s about what really happens’. This was my favorite line of quotes of the season so far. It was so meaningful and in depth. Very impressive writing. Too bad it went back to a scene with Nick after that. And then Morgan has to come save him, after all that. That’s why I love Morgan, but he should have just left him be for zombie food.

That being said I am excited to see where this interaction takes us.  ‘I don’t kill’ is Morgan’s reasoning for not leaving Nick for Walker food. I get it, but gah. Then we cut to more flashbacks.

Morgan not being at 100% is depressing but at the same time, his 50% is better than most characters anyway. I do have to admit the acting in this second half of the episode has really fallen off. But that’s okay, the story is still going amazingly so far. And the horn honking, annoying, but it’s an important element of the story so I get it. Sorry if this is running a bit long, I seem to review more in depth when I do live rather than a few days later. But again, these blogs will alternate between styles and topics as I feel like it. Anyway, the scene where they are pulling out the vehicle seems so off to me, why not start the thing and help the truck pull it out? If it won’t start then what’s the point in pulling it out to start with? Morgan’s talk with Nick is very well written. Wait….is Ann the one leaving the flags with the numbers? It makes me wonder after seeing the secret hiding place and the way it was labeled. Also, is Madison not alive anymore? It seems they are only using her in flashbacks and making it so we get the feels when we see her on screen. It makes me worry. Err, what. WHAT. Nick gets shot by Charlie!?! Oh, spoilers by the way. I don’t even….WOW. Holy crap. Wow! I can’t believe they are seemingly going to kill off Nick! They did it. WHAT, they did it! This is what The Walking Dead used to be! That caught me by complete surprise! Did they? I have no idea. I think so.

Alright that’s it for this blog. Thank you all for sticking in there with me and reading!

Horror Block August 2016

2016-09-07_22-01-05Hey guys! Thanks for coming to check out today’s blog! We are checking out August’s Horror Block! I was VERY excited to get this box this month, even if it was a bit late. Check out the video below to see us open up the box and see what’s in side and talk about all the items:

Thanks for watching! Overall this month I was a bit disappointed but then again I had high expectations for it. I think Vanessa and I’s favorite item this month was the shirt. In any case make sure to subscribe to the Youtube channel! If you want to get your own Horror Block monthly subscription box CLICK HERE!

Horror Block July 2016 Unboxing / Opening

2016-08-04_13.40.15So today we got some awesome goodies in the mail and one of the most awesome ones is July’s Horror Block! This box had some AWESOME stuff in it, some of my favorite stuff from any box. You can check out the video below and see us un-box and talk about each item.

We had a very good time with this one and making the video! My favorite item this month as the Jason hat. Vanessa’s favorite item was the Psycho House shirt. VERY nice items, very nice box! If you haven’t gotten your  already you can CLICK HERE to get your box!

Stranger Things – Season 1 – Netflix Original

Hey guys! Take a moment, sit back and relax and check out my thoughts on a show that I had seen people posting and posting and posting about on Facebook so I decided to give it a shot and see what it was about. So let’s get started! I am going to just do a review for the whole season since I binge watched the entire first season in one day. It’s only 8 episodes so it didn’t really take that long to watch it.

So the show starts out with a group of kids playing DnD and a scene from inside what appears to be a lab. I’m not going to do a play by play here but I will probably touch on the high points just to be able to express my opinions. So the jest of the story is a character named Will is taken by some kind of alien, faceless monster looking thing. We are soon introduced to Eleven which appears to be some sort of super powered, perhaps lab created human that a local Government secret place had let escape. Will’s group of friends and El (Eleven) set  out to find Will and progressively get closer and closer. Will’s mother is depicted as a mother gone insane as she tells people that Will is communicating with her via lights and she hears him in the walls and stuff. Other people within the same area start disappearing as well. The local Police Chief is really the only one that seems to care and be actively trying to find out what is going on. The Government people are covering up pretty much everything that he finds. The body of ‘Will’ they found, the Chief finds out that it’s just a fake body that was planted to explain his disappearance.

I do like the 80’s vibe this show gives off. It’s almost a mix between Hemlock Grove and the movie Stand By Me. The acting is top notch, the score is great, the filming is fantastic. It’s, overall, a fantastically done story. Anyway, moving on, Will’s friend’s Sister, Nancy, and Will’s brother Jonathon decide to go out on a mission trying to find the monster that took them. They formed this ‘alliance’ when Nancy discovered a photo that Jonathon had taken had a shot of the monster in it. When they are getting ready we find out that Jonathon is a shit shot but Nancy, she’s a crack shot. The police chief finds a bug in his house after breaking into the Government place and getting captured and put back in his house. His name is Hop by the way. At the same time the kids set out to find the portal to the other dimension that apparently this monster takes the ones it takes to (Vanessa called this early on in the story, good job). Nancy eventually enters into the other dimension and the tree she goes in through seems to be closing up. Jonathon is frantically trying to get to her and finally does grab her hand and pull her out. Nancy, I think, is the first one to go in and come back out. Then the tree portal closes. I am going to take a minute (watching episode 6 as I am typing this) to just say, there is really nothing so far in the show that I didn’t like. I guess if I HAD to pick one thing it’d be the teenage angst type scenes but even those make sense for what the story was trying to do. Anyway, back to the show…..

Nancy comes to the conclusion that it’s a bear shark. haha sort of, she has a theory that it hunts alone and can smell blood, like a bear and a shark at the same time. A good theory I would say considering the build up to this. Just to restate my point, the 80’s feel this show was going for was executed flawlessly! Jonathon does however end up ruining their plans of going monster hunting by beating the hell out of Steve, Nancy’s first ‘good time’. El has another badass scene where she stops the bullies. After that scene we find out that El is the one that actually opened the gate that is allowing all of this to happen. Mike (Will’s friend, the leader of the group [and DM of the role playing campaign] which is also Nancy’s brother) tells her it’s not her fault. Then off they go again to fight evil. This is where episode 7 picks up. With Mike and El about to kiss. We go immediately into a high pressure chase as the Government agents are trying to catch El to take her back. Lucas finally comes around and apologizes for being a dick to El and they become a friendly group again.

Is this blog too long? Well I’m committed now so let’s keep watching! 😛

The level of acting, by both the adults AND the kids in this show is nothing short of amazing. I was so into the seventh episode I didn’t even type anything until just now. El is trying to help them find Will, they found him but they still don’t really know how to get to him. Nancy and Jonathon decide to try to go monster hunting again since Hop and Will’s mom are gone to try to find Will. Hop and Will’s mom end up getting captured trying to break into the Government place to get to the gate again. On to the final episode of season 1 I go!

I’m not going to give away much of the ending (I know, that’s stupid considering how many spoilers I have already said). I’m going to watch the rest of the episode then I will give my thoughts on what happened and the season overall.

Alright I just finished the season and I have to say, damn. That ended exactly the way it should have ended. The only, and I do mean only, real complaint I have is that they spent the time setting up and us meeting who I assume to be El’s real mom and then did nothing with that story line whatsoever. In any case, yes, watch this show! I am very impressed with it overall..


The Walking Dead Season 6 – Episode 15

The Walking DeadTonight was the pre-season finale episode and I just wanted to do a quick blog to discuss a few ideas I had during the episode.

I had previously predicted that Daryl Dixon (since Jesus has sorta showed up and taken over the good looking role) would get killed either this season or next season. He did in fact get hurt in this episode so I may have been a bit hasty in that prediction. I don’t think they would have played this game again and made us ‘think’ he was dead and then him not be after the stunts they pulled with Glenn. Instead, I think this may have been a diversion for Glenn’s death by Lucille which according to the snippets from the Finale was going to be on there. Perhaps this whole season was just preparing us for Glenn’s death and now it’s about to happen, like in the comics.

Another quick note worth mentioning is I think the guy at the farm looking for the horse could have been a prelude to The Kingdom, comic fans will know this. I did notice this was also mentioned on Talking Dead as well.

Anyway, the only thing that confuses me is Dwight has both Glenn AND Daryl at the moment and one of those two are my big prediction to be killed off but I’m not sure Dwight is the character to do it. The only thing I can think is perhaps Dwight is part of the Saviors (which I’m not sure what he is really part of) and Negan is on the way to him now and then Negan basically has his pick. He would take Glenn or Daryl and use as the bargaining chip with Rick and when Rick denies the bargain he kills Glenn/Daryl. I could be completely wrong on that prediction but that’s the only thing, at the moment, that I can think of that would make sense to get the characters in the right place for the plot that fits my prediction.

The Walking Dead Season 6 Episodes 11 – 14

The Walking DeadI am going to do this blog a bit differently than usual for my Walking Dead rambles. Of course I loved all of these episodes so I will talk less about that and more about what I think is happening/going to happen. Keep in mind this is just my theories, nothing more.

So I think they have brought Jesus on the show as the ‘good looking’ male relief so they have the possibility to kill off Daryl for a big shock, maybe not this season. I say that because they have taken away from him and then somewhat given back to him. They have show his struggle and even Carol (his closest ally it seems) is apparently going away. I think this will be a HUGE shock if they do this but I think it’s possible. I think it’s possible that in lieu of Negan killing off Glenn like in the comics they may let it be Daryl instead. They may keep Glenn so they can show more of the family dynamic, something that Daryl can’t do.

I think Carol is ‘going away’ to perhaps find and deal with the Negan or other threats in her own way. I think she’s starting to feel too comfortable and she doesn’t like what that’s doing to her. That’s the only real reason I can think of for her current change in character.

I don’t know how or in what way but I think it’s crucial they start using Morgan for a bigger part of the stories soon.

I think we’ll see Maggie in charge of the Hilltop before the season ends.

Those are my biggest predictions for the moment. What are you thoughts? Do you think I’m right? Wrong? Why?

The Walking Dead Season 6, Episode 10

The Walking DeadAfter last week’s HUGE episode of The Walking Dead I couldn’t wait to dig in to tonight’s newest episode! I just hope I didn’t over-hype it in my head before it came on (I am writing this part before I actually watch the episode, clearly). So how did it turn out? Spoilers ahead.

The first part of the episode came in and jarred me a bit because it seemed to have jumped forward a bit more than I expected. Carl is up and doing okay with just a bandaged eye, Alexandria is in decent shape and Rick and Daryl are about to go out on a food run. Things seem calm. Rick and Daryl find a truck filled with food, a huge score. At this point I posted on my Twitter (which if you aren’t following me you should FOLLOW ME now, or @chriscarp11!) that things were too calm, we could expect a big event to happen soon. Then we are introduced to a new character. It’s none other than Jesus from the comics! That means are about to get into some GREAT story lines! Rick started his questions but basically Daryl said no, so Jesus went on his way and took their food truck. The writers did a good job in that sequence of events making you feel a lot of sorrow for Rick and Daryl, well for the whole group really.

This episode really done a good job at spreading out the character time, we got to spend a little time with most of the cast, which is always a good thing. Even the Carl and Enid scenes were well done when usually I only like the Enid and Glenn interactions. We had a good scene of Daryl and Rick following the trail of Jesus, well, really it was mostly them running down the road and stopping long enough to establish in the plot that the doc that requested the soda is the one that saved Carl’s life. A side note, I’m very glad to see the Fear The Walking Dead scenes going on as well! Rick and Daryl do end up getting the truck back and leaving Jesus tied up and in the middle of the road with a Daryl flipping him the bird send off. At this point in the episode I just felt it in my bones that it still wasn’t right. Had Jesus and clan already unloaded the food? Did they do it on purpose so they could follow Rick and Daryl back? I didn’t know at this point but I just felt like it was too easy.

And it turns out that Jesus somehow ended up back on the roof of the truck and after a chase, same tag playing and a struggle the truck ends up in the lake, so no one gets the food. But we do see that Jesus is going to be a very funny addition to the show! We get to see Deanna return to the show in zombie form. We get some intimate time with Daryl and Rick which was very nice to help close the episode, and then some Carl time at the end too.  Then we close the show with Daryl, Rick and Jesus arriving back at Alexandria. We even get some Rick and Michonne time, even a bit of hand holding and kissing and yes, they did it! I didn’t see that coming!! Then Jesus just was right there in the room with a naked Rick and Michonne. Fun times!

All in all, another great episode, awesome character development! Now on to Talking Dead!

The Walking Dead Season 6, Episode 9

The Walking DeadWow. I was so excited about the episode of The Walking Dead tonight that I was afraid I was going to over hype it in my mind and then I would set myself up to be disappointed. Boy was I wrong. This episode delivered, in a HUGE way. I venture to say this is one of the if not the best episode to date! So let’s dive in (spoilers ahead)…

So we start out the episode right where we left off, Negan’s gang is taking Daryl’s gangs stuff. Abraham is phenomenal in this scene (and the whole episode really). The scene builds up perfectly and then BAM, it delivers. I really thought we were about to lose a couple of characters right there in the first couple minutes. ‘If you have to eat shit, it’s best to not nibble’. This scene is just so well done from the writing to the acting to the music to the effects. A huge kudos.

Then we move on to the rest of the story, it is a quick hitting episode with so many good things I really didn’t know how to begin this blog. We seen so many characters come out of their shell in this episode, many of them long overdue but it was worth the wait for the special feeling that it gave us in this episode when they all pulled together and made a stand. I feel the need to mention Carl here as well, he done a great job in this episode and it truly made the viewer feel just as it should have when ‘it’ happened to him.

Then in comes the Calvary for some serious badassness to help! The scenes, the acting, the writing, the dialogue, everything in this episode went above and beyond everything I had pictured in my head! Don’t miss this one!

Manifest Destiny – Issue 1

I decided to dive into another book by Skybound (an imprint of Image Comics) today called Manifest Destiny. It is created and written by Chris Dingess, pencils and inks by Matthew Roberts, Colors by Owen Gieni, Letters by Pat Brosseau and edited by Sean Mackiewicz. As a huge fan of The Walking Dead and since Robert Kirman is the head honcho over at Skybound I figured I would give another book in that imprint a shot. And I am glad I did.

I was drawn to the cover for this series, very well drawn, very well designed. The comic is a take on Lewis and Clark as the head to the west. But this time around they are sent by the president to basically clear the west of monsters. Most of the characters in the book (the soldiers and criminal soldiers) don’t know this, they think they are just protecting them from the Native Americans, but that isn’t the case. I found myself stopping on multiple occasions just to take in the beauty of the scenery that Matthew Roberts brings to us. The story flows nicely as well. By the end of the issue I was very glad I decided to give this book a shot. They did end up encountering a monster, a horse/man of some kind. Not much other info was given about it, but it was encountered underneath this HUGE arch that they don’t know what is.

Overall, a very good first issue that I am glad I picked up. I may decide to put this comic in my reading list, who knows. If I do I will most likely blog about it, if not, well probably not. In any case, do yourself a favor and check out this series if you are interested in the sort of thing I have talked about above. It’s only 99 cents currently on Comixology!

The Walking Dead (comic) – Issues 1 – 136

So I decided to start a blog about the comic of The Walking Dead (since I already do a show blog too). Now, based on the title you know this blog is covering a LARGE chunk of issues, so don’t expect me to discuss even a small percentage of what all has happened in the comic. This blog may and most certainly will contain spoilers, so if you haven’t read any of the comics, don’t read this blog unless you just want the info.

Let me start by making it clear up front this is one of my favorite comics. I have only read up to issue 136 so far so I don’t know what has happened beyond that as I try very hard to not read any spoilers about issues beyond where I have read. For this blog, I am going to give my thoughts as a whole on the whole series since it’s such a large chunk of issues. Then if I do blogs for smaller groups of issues I can go into more depth for issue by issue, like I do the episodes on TV. But in any case, for this blog, here we go…

The world that started it all, The Walking Dead world. Robert Kirkman and company got me hooked from the first issue of this series by creating a world that was needed badly for the zombie genre. It was a world that was ongoing where the characters could be developed (and killed), where we weren’t rushed to hurry and get to the point. It was a world where we get to immerse ourselves into the world and image how hard it would be to survive. The series so far has dealt with a lot of topics from the walkers themselves to the people to the struggle of hunger and so on. That being said, there are still SO many things to be introduced! There are so many monumental moments in the comic so far I won’t even attempt to name them all (read them for yourself, Comixology allows you to download them and read instantly if you’re into digital comics). But I will say the current story line is dealing with the Whisperers, people that wear zombie skin and travel among the herds to stay safe with the walkers. They use the walkers to stay safe, yes, you heard me right. That is a BRILLIANT take on a way to survive in this world! There are other story lines going on such as in the most recent issue I read Carl had just nearly beaten two boys to death with a shovel. Rick’s direction is there is no need to kill anymore so this does cause quite the stir.

Overall, I really enjoy reading this comic, even though I am not 100% caught up on the issues I love it when I sit down and read a few issues to get caught up! If you aren’t reading this series, you should be. If you love the show you should read the comics as well. They do not spoil one-another and both are tremendously enjoyable.

—Other Notable Things I’m Excited About————————-
Perhaps going to read Manifest Destiny by Skybound
Man in the High Castle
Started a new novel (details later)