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Silicon Valley Season 4 – Episode 1

What was this episode about?

First off, let me just say yes, I know I skipped any review of season 3. I loved it. That’s all you need to know for now! Now let’s get into season 4! The first episode (this one) came on April 23rd, 2017. So the basic breakdown of this episode is we find out that Richard is not happy developing the video chat app that they last season ended with them doing. He suddenly decides he basically wants to create a new internet and decided to quit working with all his friends.

Did I enjoy the episode?

Yes! The comedy is still spot on, even this many seasons in. I really enjoyed the new direction of the show and look forward to seeing where it’s going. I typically make predictions early on in a season but I really don’t know right now. I think we will see Richard struggling to build his new idea and I would imagine he will eventually try to bring the rest of the gang over to help him. But then what happens to the video chat? How are they going to keep it interesting for two story lines like that at once? Let’s wait and see!

Should I watch this show?

In my opinion, if you enjoy funny shows and/or shows about the tech industry this yes, you should. Even if you just enjoy some solid writing and pretty great acting you should absolutely check it out as well. The show is TV-MA so make sure to keep that in mind.

Where can I buy the seasons?

It helps support this blog if you use the link below to purchase the season on Amazon!

Game of Thrones Season 6 – WHAT just happened?! A lot.

GoTFirst and foremost let me just say WOW. In this blog I am going to focus mainly on the finale as it seems more happened in this finale than in all the previous nine episodes combined. The whole season was a build up, and a great one, to this huge episode! Let’s discuss it a bit! Thanks  for coming to hang out with me today but if you haven’t watched the finale yet I would suggest you stop reading now, spoilers are incoming!

First and foremost we get to see how Cersei decided to deal with her trial from the seven. Instead of dealing with it she basically just decided to blow up half of the city. In that explosion, among countless others were Queen Marjorie and her brother and the High Sparrow! The outfit they had Cersei in was phenomenal, I see a lot of Cosplayers coming for this one. Oh and let’s not forget the King committed suicide! That means that Cersei is again on the Iron Throne….for now. And that’s the perfect segway into  the Queen of Dragons. At the end of the episode we see her finally on her way to Westeros with all her ships and troops that we have been building toward forever! A storm is coming Cersei, a Storm Born, you better look out. A few other things that I want to mention, Arya finally got her revenge on the Freys, all of them. I don’t know how many of my readers watch South Park but the way she handled her revenge was very Cartman-like. Kudos to those that get that reference. Oh and let’s not forget we find out that Jon Snow is the son of Ned Stark and HIS SISTER. Yea, that happened. The north and all it’s Houses have rallied behind Jon Snow and House Stark for the great war that’s coming.

Did I miss anything? I probably did. But man, so much happened! I think I hit all the big ones. In any case, an amazing season! I’m sad that it’s supposedly only going to go on for two more seasons but I can’t wait to see what happens next! Thanks for hanging out with me today everyone!

Silicon Valley Season 1 and 2

So a couple of days ago I finished watching all the episodes of Silicon Valley that are currently out, both seasons.  HBO did renew Silicon Valley for a 3rd season and I am very excited about that! In my opinion Silicon Valley is…well, first, let’s start with my rundown and thoughts from the beginning.

So I actually tried to watch this show a long while back and I simply didn’t get into it. But, I did finally download them from HBO GO on demand and decided to binge watch them. And I am glad I did. The show is focused around a group of ‘friends’ that work in the tech industry. Then one of them has an idea that everyone suddenly wants. From there it’s the trials and tribulations associated with taking a company from nothing to something and the steps in between. I have to admit this appealed to me a lot. The story is well written, the characters are very likable and quite honestly, it’s hilarious. There are so many small things that are funny that just make the show work it’s fun to watch just for those.

Another of the most impressive things about this series, while it is a comedy, it’s very intelligent and the character development works exactly how it’s supposed to. You hate who you’re supposed to hate and you’re rooting for who you’re supposed to root for, even when that person isn’t your typical main character. So to continue my thought from the beginning of the blog…

In my opinion Silicon Valley is well worth watching and probably one of the better shows on TV currently. I would highly recommend watching it.

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