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Cities Skylines – Tiki Isles (Part 3)

Welcome to Tiki Isles!
Starting Pop: ~NA Crash
Starting $: ~NA Crash
Date Played: 4/30/17

Welcome Back to Tiki Isles!

If you are following this series you know that the last blog mentioned that we spent a large amount of time doing a bunch of stuff and ended up losing it all because we didn’t save…. We took a bit of a break (because Vanessa was pretty pissed that we lost all that work) and decided to jump back in today!

Our main goal today was to basically get us back to where we were when we had the crash and lost it all. We were focusing on trying to get rid of as many industrial areas and replace them with office areas and buying some new plots of land.

What did we accomplish?

We did end up achieving what we set out to do. We bought four new plots of land but haven’t really started on anything on it yet. We did get rid of the majority of the industrial areas and we did some road upgrades. We also spent some time fixing our bus routes. Overall I think we got back about where or maybe a bit better than we were before the crash. So now we can start making new gains!

Overall I think we got back about where or maybe a bit better than we were before the crash. So now we can start making new gains! More screenshots and maybe even videos coming soon!

Cities Skylines – Tiki Isles (Part 1)


Cities Skylines is a top notch city builder that just was released on Xbox One on April 21st 2017. Vanessa and I were very excited for this release and immediately decided to jump in and start our own city! This game also came with the After Dark DLC as part of the price.

Welcome to Tiki Isles

Tiki Isles is the first city Vanessa and I have built in this game with the exception of one quick practice city to just learn the controls that we didn’t even save. We decided to work together and try to build a city and see how it turned out. We chose the Islands section and got started! We have probably put in around 9 hours to our city so far and we are still on the first block but we do intend to purchase a second block soon! Currently we are using wind, coal and oil power to power the city with a couple of water pumps and sewage pumps. We recently also built a water treatment plant. We are starting to phase out our industrial areas and plant trees to get rid of the ground pollution. We recently unlocked the office zoning tool as well as the high density zoning capability and we are starting to work that in as well. We did try to add a dam for hydro-electric power and that didn’t turn out very well. We had a huge flood that took about a year in game to clear out.

We did also recently build a bus depot as well as a subway system and those are working wonders for the city so far. We are still having some major traffic issues but we are slowing starting to make plans to fix those as well. As of this blog our population is just over 10,000 and we have over $100,000 with an earnings of around $8k in the green per cycle. This information is as of 4/23/17 at 10:00pm.

What’s next?

We are currently working on plans to buy another plot of land and extending the city into that square. But before we do that we do want to work on the traffic as well as re-zone the industrial area we are working to clean up. We want to do some office space as well as perhaps some commercial there as well. We also went and deleted all the districts we had but we are considering redoing the districts and naming them. As far as this blog goes, I would love to do some screen shots or maybe even videos to show you guys the city and how it’s progressing. I just have to figure out how to do that since it’s on the XBox.

If you enjoyed this blog make sure to let me know and we will keep doing it!


Lego Dimensions – Part 6

LDToday we got another batch of figures in for Lego Dimensions! We got Aquaman and the Jurrasic World team set! We dove in as soon as we got home from work and got all the new items built and immediately jumped into the Jurrasic World Adventure World. We played around in there and got several gold bricks, picked up the red brick and did some exploring. It’s a beautiful world and I love the Raptor! As it stands we have still only 100% on one level, the Wizard of Oz Level on the main story. I wanted to try to get 100% on another level tonight but Vanessa was sleepy so we decided to just stick to adventure worlds and getting gold bricks for the evening.

Also, we did get a display case for the character figures today to help organize the growing collection and I have to admit it does look quite awesome displayed!

Lego Dimensions – Part 5

LDToday we did make a couple of awesome advances. First and foremost we DID achieve the 1,000,000 studs and get the 2x stud multiplier! I was very excited about that. After that we did get some more additions to the collection in the mail today. We got Bart Simpson fun pack, Doc from Back to the Future fun pack and Emmet from Lego World. I also did contact Lego and they are sending me a replacement base for the Back to the Future level pack that was torn up. It was very hassle-free to get it replaced which made me very happy! I am impatient so I hate having to wait for it but it’s worth it. We did get Bart and his car built in today’s playing. Then we jumped right into the Simpson’s Adventure World (since we don’t have the level pack yet). We did some of the construction, got the red brick and got some gold bricks. We also did build Emmet’s Excavator as well! The collection has grown nicely!

After we done that for a while (and it getting close to bedtime because of work for us both) we decided to go ahead and build Doc’s Traveling Time Train as well.¬† We went into the Back to the Future Adventure World and played around a bit and got the red brick and a gold brick or two. Fun times!

Lego Dimensions – Part 4

LDIn today’s installment of Lego Dimensions I am going to include a short little video of our collection so far (minus the starting 3 characters and portal). It’s not in fantastic quality but it gets the point across so you can kinda see what we have.

A few other notes, we did play around much more in the Adventure worlds and we also did beat the Ghostbusters level pack today as well! I think that level pack is my favorite to date thus far. We also got the Back to the Future level pack today, sadly, one of the toy tags in the pack was messed up so we couldn’t finish the level until I can contact Lego and get it replaced. This is the first encounter we have had with defective items so I’m not too upset about it. But what we played of it up until that build was awesome. And we did also add the Scooby and Shaggy fun pack to the collection today as well and played around in that Adventure World after building Shaggy, Scooby, Mystery Machine and the Scooby Snack. I really have enjoyed that one as well. We did venture into the Wizard of Oz level in the main story mode again to farm some studs in an effort to hurry and use the 1,000,000 red brick to get 2x studs. As of this blog we hadn’t quite made it yet but hopefully in the next blog that will change. After that I think we are going to start trying to upgrade more vehicles as we wait for more additions to arrive! We did, however get ALL the minikits, rescue the Wizard of Oz and get RuleBreaker on this level! So we have everything done on it!

This has been an exciting (and expensive lol) adventure into Lego Dimensions but we as a family are having a blast! We may have to start taking donations to finish up all the collections! Ha! I have been ignoring all the other games I was working on for this one for the past 4 days now so that shows that it has been exceptional. Anyway, on to the video, check out the collection so far! If anyone wants to contribute a Portal Level Pack I would happily thank you by name in the blog and put a video or pictures of the unboxing in the blog as well. Just in case. That seems to be the hardest one to find unless you have it at a local store (which ours doesn’t).

Lego Dimensions – Part 1

Vanessa and I decided to invest in Lego Dimensions today (3/24/16) and along with that I decided that I would do a blog series about our journey through the game. In the blog series I will blog about everything we do, buy and thing like that. I will try to include as many pictures as possible as well.¬† I didn’t take pictures of the actual un-boxing or video it but for future additions I may do one or the other, or both, who knows.

Day 1 was the un-boxing of the game and initial thoughts were it looked awesome! I couldn’t wait to dig in. I popped the disk into the Xbox One and began the install. While it was starting I went ahead and hooked up the base and Vanessa started working on building the characters and the portal. There weren’t instructions on how to build the Batmobile so I assume that will be instructed in game. First and foremost, while she was building the Lego parts I was keeping on eye on the install process. An hour in and it was only at 47%. This wasn’t a huge surprise to me, when I got Fallout 4 it was about a 6 hour wait for install and I think Madden 16 was about a 5 hour wait. I decided to go ahead and call it a day and work on the blog for today for our progress.

Vanessa did get the portal as well as all 3 characters that were included in the set together. Pictures below. I also went ahead and ordered 3 other things to go with it that are supposed to arrive the first week of April, stay tuned to see what they are! I think the stuff she built so far turned out awesome, have a look at the end of the blog! But, in conclusion, I think it’s going to be a fun ride in this series! I’m somewhat sad and disappointed that we didn’t get to actually PLAY the game today but at least we did get to immerse into it in one form.



Cards Against Humanity

Today we are going to take a look at the game Cards Against Humanity. It’s a very fun and HILARIOUS game for adults that is incredibly fun to play. If you’ve never heard of it I would be surprised. At the bottom of the blog you will see the link to purchase your own copy of the game on Amazon while helping to support this blog as well!

Anyway, I played this game a few times and I have to say that it was hilarious every time. It did NOT get old at all while I was playing it and I actually look forward to playing it again. I won’t go into specifics on how the game works but it’s very perverted, dirty and it’s ONLY for adults! It makes for a very interesting night with a group of friends, that’s for sure! Just be ready to laugh going in, that’s my only advice!

Twitch Viewing

Last Updated 12/31/15

Hey guys! I had an idea for a little blog that I wanted to put out today. I, like many others, sincerely enjoy heading over to Twitch and watching some of my favorite streamers take on games I like to see. So I thought I would do a little blog about some of my favorite streamers to watch. I will update this list as I continue watching, watch new or stop watching streamers. I will put a little blurb by each one that I list so there is a reason I like to watch them listed. They are in no particular order, yet. If you want to check them out just look for the name over on twitch.tv If you aren’t familiar, Twitch is a great place where you can be in a community of people watching people play games while interacting with their chats, it’s really fun. I would love to take up streaming on there at some point but sadly the internet available in my area simply won’t allow it. In any case, here is my list.

DanGheesling – A nice, clean stream that is safe to enjoy with your kids typically. He plays a lot of good games as well, currently mostly focused on Star Citizen. Probably my favorite streamer/YouTuber to date.

PlexiStan – Plays a lot of Kerbal Space Program, which is one of my favorite games to watch people play, and to play. He’s from France (I believe) but his stream is in English. Very talented player he is.

ej_sa РAnother streamer that is very cool and relaxed and plays a lot of Kerbal Space Program. His ability to make Space Shuttles and other complex  builds is nothing short of amazing.

GiantWaffle – A very popular streamer and probably my go to streamer when I am in the mood to watch someone play Minecraft. Very talented and very detailed work this streamer provides in the game.


I have many other streamers that I follow but I will only keep the running list of the ones I watch the MOST and I will update this blog often to include or remove as needed.