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Chris’ Picks of the day 1/10/16

So today I think I have went in and picked out some pretty awesome items for you guys! Let’s jump right into it!

I haven’t got to play Magic: The Gathering for quite some time but I used to play it almost everyday in High School. Recently, I have been watching some Youtube videos of some Magic playing and unboxing so it has got me in the mood again. In any case, here is an amazing deal for you all, great price and selling quick! There are two different ones, the Oath of the Gatewatch is a presale so it’s a good way to get your hands on one before they are sold out and hard to get:
CLICK HERE to see the Magic: The Gathering store page.

Next, because I am VERY excited that The Walking Dead is about to come back on, we have this awesome McFarlane Toys Daryl Dixon with Chopper Deluxe Box Set! It’s a presale and should be back in stock around January 12th the site says. Order yours today to make sure you don’t miss out on it this time! Great price too!

And my last item for today’s picks is Fallout 4, because, well because it’s Fallout 4! I am still loving this game! I will put the link for the Xbox One version but you can CLICK HERE to visit the game section of the store and get it for the PS4 as well. If you don’t have a copy yet, get yours today and get to playing, it’s an incredible game!


Thanksgiving – What are your traditions?

It’s that time of year, the time of year where we stuff our faces, sit on our butts and watch football with the family all the while letting each other know what we are thankful for. I don’t really have anything witty to do for this blog but I wanted to do a quick one just to tell everyone that reads my blog Happy Thanksgiving! I know, personally, I love smelling the smell that fills the house on the day you do your cooking (be it on Thanksgiving or before, or after, we are doing ours Wednesday because of work but it’s the same Holiday regardless of when you celebrate it)! Right now my house smells of turkey cooking in the over, pies that were baked last night. Delicious. Thanksgiving morning/day is Macy’s Parade time then football, today is all about the family, food and Dan Gheesling playing Fallout 4 Youtube Videos! Earlier today I let our son pick out the present he wanted to get Mom for Christmas and we got that on order, he picked a very cool piece of art for her, I think she’ll love it! I’m debating on when to put up the Christmas tree this year, typically it’s the day after Thanksgiving but we both have long work days that day, so not sure yet. I don’t know if I want to get into putting pictures of food and stuff in these blogs, it may be cool but at the same time some people hate it. So I haven’t decided YET, but if I do decide to start using pics and stuff in blogs and you don’t like it, just ignore it, if you do like it then enjoy it!

Among many things, such as my family, friends which I won’t name individually but know that if you fall into this category I am very thankful for each and every one of you! There are A LOT of people that I miss dearly this Thanksgiving but I’m sure they are celebrating and thinking about us as we celebrate and think about them, it’s a beautiful thing. And I am thankful for all of you that read my blog as well. Since it started it now has over 4,000 views, which is phenomenal considering I am boring as crap. In any case, spend time with those you love, enjoy some fantastic food and some fantastic football (the Panthers play the Cowboys) and then watch some awesome TV, play some awesome video games and share that love with your friends and family!

—Other Notable Things I’m Excited About—————————–
Mashed Potatoes
Fried Dressing
Youtube Fallout 4 with Dan Gheesling

Fallout 4 — Early Thoughts

Needless to say, I was one of the millions that was so excited for the Fallout 4 release I was counting down the hours. I pre-ordered my copy from Amazon and it was delivered safely on release day. When I opened the package, before I even installed the game, I looked at the cool poster that came with it. I got it for the Xbox One so I also got a download of Fallout 3 for free, which I was very excited about. I haven’t played 3 yet so no spoilers! So yea, I thought I would take a minute, since I have several hours invested into it at this point, not too many but several.

First, let me say, I LOVE it. It’s a truly beautiful game. The graphics are amazing, the story line, so far, is phenomenal. I liked the character design element, I liked the intro to the world. So anyway, the game started and as soon as I got out of the vault I immediately started the exploring, which I am certain a large number of people did! I did that for a while, found some stuff then decided to progress the story. I did so and then got to the point where you can build stuff. As soon as I started messing with that I spent a lot of time playing around with that before I realized I should probably do some more quests and progress the story. I have done several quests and helped stabilize several places so far. I have, not once, got bored with the game while I was playing it. It stays fresh and exciting. I really just wanted to do a quick blog to express my thoughts thus far, before I got too far in.

Overall, amazing, that’s the best word to describe it. There are tons of videos on Youtube, twitch and other places you can watch some of the gameplay. Even if you don’t want to buy it and play it, it’s a fun game to watch someone else play!

—Other Notable Things I’m Excited About——————————
New Episode of The Walking Dead
The Man in the High Castle New Episodes
Working on a short fiction to submit to a publisher
Thanksgiving week = 3 days off the day job!