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Lego Dimensions – Part 6

LDToday we got another batch of figures in for Lego Dimensions! We got Aquaman and the Jurrasic World team set! We dove in as soon as we got home from work and got all the new items built and immediately jumped into the Jurrasic World Adventure World. We played around in there and got several gold bricks, picked up the red brick and did some exploring. It’s a beautiful world and I love the Raptor! As it stands we have still only 100% on one level, the Wizard of Oz Level on the main story. I wanted to try to get 100% on another level tonight but Vanessa was sleepy so we decided to just stick to adventure worlds and getting gold bricks for the evening.

Also, we did get a display case for the character figures today to help organize the growing collection and I have to admit it does look quite awesome displayed!

Lego Dimensions – Part 4

LDIn today’s installment of Lego Dimensions I am going to include a short little video of our collection so far (minus the starting 3 characters and portal). It’s not in fantastic quality but it gets the point across so you can kinda see what we have.

A few other notes, we did play around much more in the Adventure worlds and we also did beat the Ghostbusters level pack today as well! I think that level pack is my favorite to date thus far. We also got the Back to the Future level pack today, sadly, one of the toy tags in the pack was messed up so we couldn’t finish the level until I can contact Lego and get it replaced. This is the first encounter we have had with defective items so I’m not too upset about it. But what we played of it up until that build was awesome. And we did also add the Scooby and Shaggy fun pack to the collection today as well and played around in that Adventure World after building Shaggy, Scooby, Mystery Machine and the Scooby Snack. I really have enjoyed that one as well. We did venture into the Wizard of Oz level in the main story mode again to farm some studs in an effort to hurry and use the 1,000,000 red brick to get 2x studs. As of this blog we hadn’t quite made it yet but hopefully in the next blog that will change. After that I think we are going to start trying to upgrade more vehicles as we wait for more additions to arrive! We did, however get ALL the minikits, rescue the Wizard of Oz and get RuleBreaker on this level! So we have everything done on it!

This has been an exciting (and expensive lol) adventure into Lego Dimensions but we as a family are having a blast! We may have to start taking donations to finish up all the collections! Ha! I have been ignoring all the other games I was working on for this one for the past 4 days now so that shows that it has been exceptional. Anyway, on to the video, check out the collection so far! If anyone wants to contribute a Portal Level Pack I would happily thank you by name in the blog and put a video or pictures of the unboxing in the blog as well. Just in case. That seems to be the hardest one to find unless you have it at a local store (which ours doesn’t).

F is for Family – Netflix Original – Season 1, Episode 1-3

F is For Family LogoToday we take a look at the first 3 episodes of F is for Family, a Netflix Original Series. Currently, as of this blog, there is only one season available and I saw it and decided I was going to take a look at it. Initially, before I started watching the art did get me interested, it’s simple and clean. I went in with no prior knowledge of what I was about to watch. I quickly realized it was a very adult cartoon, along the same lines as Family Guy or South Park, but done in a different way. The theme song and opening is fantastic, probably what kept my attention initially.

f-is-for-family-850x560So the first episode was sort of an introduction to the world and the characters, which I did enjoy. The voice acting is fantastic and the characters are interesting. It’s just dirty enough to make it funny but doesn’t seem dirty to just be dirty, at least so far. Then we get to the second episode which more or less gives us a more in depth look at the family, the job and the kids. And we learn that the mom is a plastic container sales lady. I apologize for not knowing the names of the characters yet, but they haven’t stuck in my mind just yet. Again, I did enjoy this episode. On to Episode 3 we see the dad taking the youngest boy to a game in the place of the older kid. More in depth character development and another submersion into the world. The scenes with the oldest kid sitting under the bridge with his friends getting high reminds me of Beavis and Butthead for some reason…maybe it’s just me. Best line of the episode ‘If they had a class called future, I’d be all over it’.

So after watching 3 episodes I would have to say that I do indeed enjoy the show so far. If you’re into adult themed cartoons you’d probably enjoy it as long as you don’t want deep humor or story lines. It’s more of a fun show that doesn’t require a lot of thought, just to sit and watch and have fun, not with the kids though.

Adventure Time – Stakes

So I watched the recent Adventure Time arc, Stakes. It is about Marceline and her life as a vampire, but more importantly, how she became the Vampire Queen.

Without giving too much of the story away, I will say I actually really loved the vampire characters and the entire theme and tone of the series. It had the typical fun of the usual Adventure Time, but also had some real fear, (the vampires are really scary!) the feeling of suspense, (Jake’s deep fear of the bloodsuckers) and the heavy questions that come with looking at forever and an unending war.

Though it is aimed at the younger crowd, the vampires are amazing. Each are different with different skills, powers, and viewpoints. My personal favorite is Hierophant, the so called ‘old-school vampire’ who still needs to be invited before he enters your home.

So if you like horror that is a bit kitschy, but really unique and intriguing, Stakes is for you!

Keep watching.

Art by Dwayne Biddix - @dlx_artist
Art by Dwayne Biddix – @dlx_artist

Character is copyright of it’s respective owner, this is fanart by Dwayne Biddix. This art may NOT be used without my permission.