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Better Call Saul Season 3 – Episode 3

What happened in this episode?

This episode was pretty eventful. We see Jimmy get arrested because his brother turns him in. We see Mike meet Gus for the first time. Another great episode of storytelling and acting.¬† There is some great relationship dynamics going on between Kim and Jimmy. And we can’t leave out the great acting by the secretary Francesa! Overall another fantastic episode!

Thoughts and predictions…

Vanessa is very disgusted by Jimmy’s brother. In fact, she has hated him for a bit now. I understand that, but to me, it is an interesting dynamic. They are both caniving so it’s interesting to me to see what that leads to. Vanessa thinks that Gus is going to play a bigger part in the coming episodes. She also thinks that Jimmy isn’t going to get out of this mess. She thinks this is what makes him ‘Saul Goodman’. I can see her opinion and why she’d think this and I do agree for the most part. “He’s not a murderer, he’s not a rapist but he is easily one of the best TV villians”, says Vanessa about Jimmy’s brother.


Overall, Vanessa and I both really enjoyed this episode. It continued the high-quality storytelling and character development. In fact, they are building more and more dynamic relationships with the characters and I can’t wait to see how it all plays out when all those worlds collide!


Better Call Saul Season 3 Episodes 1 and 2

What’s going on this season?

Going into this season we knew that Jimmy’s brother had recorded him admitting that he had tampered with those documents. So it was already a very tense situation. I was wondering if we’d jump right back in where the last season left off and sure enough, we did! I was very excited to see that. So in the first two episodes we have had a pretty hefty story involving Mike. Someone is following him and had a tracer in his gas cap, which he eventually found. Jimmy, in the second episode has just found out that his brother had recorded him and went off the deep end. That’s the first two episodes very briefly.

Am I enjoying this season so far?

The short answer is yes. I was looking forward to seeing how this¬† season was approached and it hasn’t let me down. At least not so far. I know this isn’t going to be a popular opinion but I think I may enjoy this show more than I did Breaking Bad. The writing is spot on and the acting is top notch, what more could you ask? I think if you enjoyed Saul in Breaking Bad you should watch this show if you aren’t. Or, if you’re just a fan of solid writing give it a shot as well. My favorite part of the show is the way it’s paced. It doesn’t feel rushed but also it doesn’t feel too slow. There aren’t a lot of bang bang shoot ’em up scenes but the show doesn’t need them. The character development and dialogue alone make it worth watching.

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