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Bates Motel – Norman Bates Print (1 of 6)

Norman Bates from the TV Series Bates Motel. This is art done by Dwayne Biddix. This is the first of six prints in this Bates Motel collection.

This 8.5X11 print will be beautifully printed on 14pt Gloss Cover paper. We will be taking orders for this print from 4/21/17 until 4/28/17 so make sure to order yours today. All orders will be sent to the printer on 4/29/17 and should be back to us and in the mail to you by May 15th. Shipping date is an estimate. When you place an order make sure to bookmark this page for updates on when your print will arrive. We will provide you with tracking information as soon as they ship.

No Autograph Print:
$5.00 (plus $2.00 shipping)

Autographed Print (Limited to the first 10 ordered):
$10.00 (Plus $2.00 shipping)

Prints will not include watermark. If for any reason prints do not ship you will be refunded in full.


Minecraft Craftables Series 1 Blind Pack – Episode 1

Today we are going to take a look at Minecraft Craftables Series 1 bling packs! We did a review of this as well over on our Youtube channel, CLICK HERE to head over and check that out! Make sure if you do to click on like and subscribe to our channel so we can continue to bring awesome things like this to you!

Minecraft Craftables series 1 is for ages 6+ and has a total of ten collectible figures. The detail is very nice on these and they are quite fun to put together. They also come in a nice ‘block’ that you could use to store and/or display your figure in. Our blind pack had a Pig Rider figure. It was extremely cute. I’m not sure if we will end up getting more of these or not but I am glad we at least got this one! Here are some pictures:

Pig Rider 2 pig riderAnd of  course if you want to get your own blind packs and see what you get please use the link below to buy yours! It helps support the blog and you get amazing deals as well! If you do decide to get some let us know in the comments which one you got!

News: Allstar Batman will be written by Scott Snyder!

I know I am a couple days late to the party but I just now found out that Scott Snyder will be writing the new Allstar Batman twice monthly comic that is going to be part of the main continuity! This is in no relation to Allstar Batman and Robin apparently. He will also be joined by the great John Romita Jr!

That’s it, I just wanted to make a quick blog about it so you guys would know if you’re a fan of Batman and/or what Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo did on their run! In any case, keep an eye for this one!

I personally am a huge Batman fan and really enjoyed Snyder’s run on it so to see he got this one is very exciting to me.