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Last Updated 12/31/15

Hey guys! I had an idea for a little blog that I wanted to put out today. I, like many others, sincerely enjoy heading over to Twitch and watching some of my favorite streamers take on games I like to see. So I thought I would do a little blog about some of my favorite streamers to watch. I will update this list as I continue watching, watch new or stop watching streamers. I will put a little blurb by each one that I list so there is a reason I like to watch them listed. They are in no particular order, yet. If you want to check them out just look for the name over on If you aren’t familiar, Twitch is a great place where you can be in a community of people watching people play games while interacting with their chats, it’s really fun. I would love to take up streaming on there at some point but sadly the internet available in my area simply won’t allow it. In any case, here is my list.

DanGheesling – A nice, clean stream that is safe to enjoy with your kids typically. He plays a lot of good games as well, currently mostly focused on Star Citizen. Probably my favorite streamer/YouTuber to date.

PlexiStan – Plays a lot of Kerbal Space Program, which is one of my favorite games to watch people play, and to play. He’s from France (I believe) but his stream is in English. Very talented player he is.

ej_sa РAnother streamer that is very cool and relaxed and plays a lot of Kerbal Space Program. His ability to make Space Shuttles and other complex  builds is nothing short of amazing.

GiantWaffle – A very popular streamer and probably my go to streamer when I am in the mood to watch someone play Minecraft. Very talented and very detailed work this streamer provides in the game.


I have many other streamers that I follow but I will only keep the running list of the ones I watch the MOST and I will update this blog often to include or remove as needed.