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F is for Family – Netflix Original – Season 1, Episode 1-3

F is For Family LogoToday we take a look at the first 3 episodes of F is for Family, a Netflix Original Series. Currently, as of this blog, there is only one season available and I saw it and decided I was going to take a look at it. Initially, before I started watching the art did get me interested, it’s simple and clean. I went in with no prior knowledge of what I was about to watch. I quickly realized it was a very adult cartoon, along the same lines as Family Guy or South Park, but done in a different way. The theme song and opening is fantastic, probably what kept my attention initially.

f-is-for-family-850x560So the first episode was sort of an introduction to the world and the characters, which I did enjoy. The voice acting is fantastic and the characters are interesting. It’s just dirty enough to make it funny but doesn’t seem dirty to just be dirty, at least so far. Then we get to the second episode which more or less gives us a more in depth look at the family, the job and the kids. And we learn that the mom is a plastic container sales lady. I apologize for not knowing the names of the characters yet, but they haven’t stuck in my mind just yet. Again, I did enjoy this episode. On to Episode 3 we see the dad taking the youngest boy to a game in the place of the older kid. More in depth character development and another submersion into the world. The scenes with the oldest kid sitting under the bridge with his friends getting high reminds me of Beavis and Butthead for some reason…maybe it’s just me. Best line of the episode ‘If they had a class called future, I’d be all over it’.

So after watching 3 episodes I would have to say that I do indeed enjoy the show so far. If you’re into adult themed cartoons you’d probably enjoy it as long as you don’t want deep humor or story lines. It’s more of a fun show that doesn’t require a lot of thought, just to sit and watch and have fun, not with the kids though.