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Adventure Time – Stakes

So I watched the recent Adventure Time arc, Stakes. It is about Marceline and her life as a vampire, but more importantly, how she became the Vampire Queen.

Without giving too much of the story away, I will say I actually really loved the vampire characters and the entire theme and tone of the series. It had the typical fun of the usual Adventure Time, but also had some real fear, (the vampires are really scary!) the feeling of suspense, (Jake’s deep fear of the bloodsuckers) and the heavy questions that come with looking at forever and an unending war.

Though it is aimed at the younger crowd, the vampires are amazing. Each are different with different skills, powers, and viewpoints. My personal favorite is Hierophant, the so called ‘old-school vampire’ who still needs to be invited before he enters your home.

So if you like horror that is a bit kitschy, but really unique and intriguing, Stakes is for you!

Keep watching.

Art by Dwayne Biddix - @dlx_artist
Art by Dwayne Biddix – @dlx_artist

Character is copyright of it’s respective owner, this is fanart by Dwayne Biddix. This art may NOT be used without my permission.