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Better Call Saul Season 3 – Episode 3

What happened in this episode?

This episode was pretty eventful. We see Jimmy get arrested because his brother turns him in. We see Mike meet Gus for the first time. Another great episode of storytelling and acting.  There is some great relationship dynamics going on between Kim and Jimmy. And we can’t leave out the great acting by the secretary Francesa! Overall another fantastic episode!

Thoughts and predictions…

Vanessa is very disgusted by Jimmy’s brother. In fact, she has hated him for a bit now. I understand that, but to me, it is an interesting dynamic. They are both caniving so it’s interesting to me to see what that leads to. Vanessa thinks that Gus is going to play a bigger part in the coming episodes. She also thinks that Jimmy isn’t going to get out of this mess. She thinks this is what makes him ‘Saul Goodman’. I can see her opinion and why she’d think this and I do agree for the most part. “He’s not a murderer, he’s not a rapist but he is easily one of the best TV villians”, says Vanessa about Jimmy’s brother.


Overall, Vanessa and I both really enjoyed this episode. It continued the high-quality storytelling and character development. In fact, they are building more and more dynamic relationships with the characters and I can’t wait to see how it all plays out when all those worlds collide!


Silicon Valley Season 4 – Episode 1

What was this episode about?

First off, let me just say yes, I know I skipped any review of season 3. I loved it. That’s all you need to know for now! Now let’s get into season 4! The first episode (this one) came on April 23rd, 2017. So the basic breakdown of this episode is we find out that Richard is not happy developing the video chat app that they last season ended with them doing. He suddenly decides he basically wants to create a new internet and decided to quit working with all his friends.

Did I enjoy the episode?

Yes! The comedy is still spot on, even this many seasons in. I really enjoyed the new direction of the show and look forward to seeing where it’s going. I typically make predictions early on in a season but I really don’t know right now. I think we will see Richard struggling to build his new idea and I would imagine he will eventually try to bring the rest of the gang over to help him. But then what happens to the video chat? How are they going to keep it interesting for two story lines like that at once? Let’s wait and see!

Should I watch this show?

In my opinion, if you enjoy funny shows and/or shows about the tech industry this yes, you should. Even if you just enjoy some solid writing and pretty great acting you should absolutely check it out as well. The show is TV-MA so make sure to keep that in mind.

Where can I buy the seasons?

It helps support this blog if you use the link below to purchase the season on Amazon!

Better Call Saul Season 3 Episodes 1 and 2

What’s going on this season?

Going into this season we knew that Jimmy’s brother had recorded him admitting that he had tampered with those documents. So it was already a very tense situation. I was wondering if we’d jump right back in where the last season left off and sure enough, we did! I was very excited to see that. So in the first two episodes we have had a pretty hefty story involving Mike. Someone is following him and had a tracer in his gas cap, which he eventually found. Jimmy, in the second episode has just found out that his brother had recorded him and went off the deep end. That’s the first two episodes very briefly.

Am I enjoying this season so far?

The short answer is yes. I was looking forward to seeing how this  season was approached and it hasn’t let me down. At least not so far. I know this isn’t going to be a popular opinion but I think I may enjoy this show more than I did Breaking Bad. The writing is spot on and the acting is top notch, what more could you ask? I think if you enjoyed Saul in Breaking Bad you should watch this show if you aren’t. Or, if you’re just a fan of solid writing give it a shot as well. My favorite part of the show is the way it’s paced. It doesn’t feel rushed but also it doesn’t feel too slow. There aren’t a lot of bang bang shoot ’em up scenes but the show doesn’t need them. The character development and dialogue alone make it worth watching.

If you’d like to check it out and help support this blog at the same time consider using this link:

Bates Motel Seasons 1-4

What did I think of Seasons 1-4 Bates Motel?

I didn’t watch this show for the longest time. Why? I’m not really sure. I know it’s a genre that I love and it’s something that I would probably enjoy. But I never really wanted to take the leap and watch it. But I finally did. Vanessa and I decided to finally hop in and binge watch the first four seasons on Netflix. We have the fifth season recording on our DVR as well.  There may be spoilers in this blog so if you haven’t watched it and don’t want spoilers, come back and read AFTER you have watched these seasons.

After only a short time I was hooked. The actors that played Norman and Norma instantly drew me in. Their acting is phenomenal and make the characters truly captivating. The town itself even seems like a character in the show, which I really enjoyed. The first season works as a very good introduction to the psychotic life of the Bates. We learn about Norman’s “black outs” and what happened to his father as well was watch him and Norma cover up a murder that happened in their recently purchased motel. And when I say happened, I mean they committed it. Bythe end of the first season I was blown away by this cast.

Going on into the season Dylan, Emma, Caleb, Chick and Alex were all played so well by the actors. The story kept developing and I was excited to see what was going to happen next. Now, to be fair, I was afraid they were going to use the same formula every season and just rinse and repeat it. That did not happen. Each season has its own story and its own feel. That excited me greatly. We get to watch Norma almost grow into a normal season nearing the end of season 4. At the same time, we are watching Norman fall further into the chaos. Then the two worlds collide again and we say goodbye to Norma…in a sense.  This was both very good story telling and quite sad. When a writer makes you almost pull for the success of a character like Norma Bates I think they have done their job, and done it well.

In conclusion….

At the end of the fourth season I was quite sad at what all had transpired but at the same time quite excited to see what was going to happen next. We are taking a break from Bates Motel for a bit before we start on the next season. Season 5 is the final season of Bates Motel so it’s exciting to think of how they will wrap it up!

What shows am I looking forward to?

Silicon Valley starts back 4/23/17 on HBO!
Game of Thrones is coming back on in a couple months.


Cast of The Walking Dead

The Walking DeadThe Walking Dead, what a ride it has been so far. This show has grown into one of my favorite shows of all time. Through the good and the bad I have stuck with it. The love for the story started with the comics written by Robert Kirkman and then even more so with the novels and the show. Because of that passion I wanted to do a little blog of the Cast of The Walking Dead (as best I can research). This is a lot for me but also for my readers just in case you need the reference. So let’s get started! This list of the Cast of The Walking Dead will include most of the major players both alive and dead.

Rick Grimes – Andrew Lincoln
Carl Grimes – Chandler Riggs
Daryl Dixon – Norman Reedus
Glenn Rhee – Steven Yeun
Maggie Green – Lauren Cohan
Michonne – Danai Gurira
Carol Peletier – Melissa McBride
Negan – Jeffrey Dean Morgan
Abraham Ford – Michael Cudlitz
Sasha Williams – Sonequa Martin
Rosita Espinosa – Christian Serratos
Morgan Jones – Lennie James
Beth Greene – Emily Kinney
Eugene Porter – Jost McDermitt
Tara Chambler – Alanna Masterson
Lori Grimes – Sarah Wayne Callies
Aaron – Ross Marquand
Andrea – Laurie Holden
Shane Walsh – Jon Bernthal
Tyreese – Chad Coleman
Spencer Monroe – Austin Nichols
Paul Monroe (Jesus) – Tom Payne
Gareth – Andrew J West
Amy – Emma Bell
Dawn Lerner – Christine Woods
Dale Horvath – Jeffrey DeMunn
T-Dog – Robert Singleton
Merle Dixon – Michael Rooker
Gabriel Stokes – Seth Gilliam
Sophia Peletier – Madison Lintz
Hershel Greene – Scott Wilson
The Governor – David Morrissey
Noah – Tyler James Williams

Stranger Things – Season 1 – Netflix Original

Hey guys! Take a moment, sit back and relax and check out my thoughts on a show that I had seen people posting and posting and posting about on Facebook so I decided to give it a shot and see what it was about. So let’s get started! I am going to just do a review for the whole season since I binge watched the entire first season in one day. It’s only 8 episodes so it didn’t really take that long to watch it.

So the show starts out with a group of kids playing DnD and a scene from inside what appears to be a lab. I’m not going to do a play by play here but I will probably touch on the high points just to be able to express my opinions. So the jest of the story is a character named Will is taken by some kind of alien, faceless monster looking thing. We are soon introduced to Eleven which appears to be some sort of super powered, perhaps lab created human that a local Government secret place had let escape. Will’s group of friends and El (Eleven) set  out to find Will and progressively get closer and closer. Will’s mother is depicted as a mother gone insane as she tells people that Will is communicating with her via lights and she hears him in the walls and stuff. Other people within the same area start disappearing as well. The local Police Chief is really the only one that seems to care and be actively trying to find out what is going on. The Government people are covering up pretty much everything that he finds. The body of ‘Will’ they found, the Chief finds out that it’s just a fake body that was planted to explain his disappearance.

I do like the 80’s vibe this show gives off. It’s almost a mix between Hemlock Grove and the movie Stand By Me. The acting is top notch, the score is great, the filming is fantastic. It’s, overall, a fantastically done story. Anyway, moving on, Will’s friend’s Sister, Nancy, and Will’s brother Jonathon decide to go out on a mission trying to find the monster that took them. They formed this ‘alliance’ when Nancy discovered a photo that Jonathon had taken had a shot of the monster in it. When they are getting ready we find out that Jonathon is a shit shot but Nancy, she’s a crack shot. The police chief finds a bug in his house after breaking into the Government place and getting captured and put back in his house. His name is Hop by the way. At the same time the kids set out to find the portal to the other dimension that apparently this monster takes the ones it takes to (Vanessa called this early on in the story, good job). Nancy eventually enters into the other dimension and the tree she goes in through seems to be closing up. Jonathon is frantically trying to get to her and finally does grab her hand and pull her out. Nancy, I think, is the first one to go in and come back out. Then the tree portal closes. I am going to take a minute (watching episode 6 as I am typing this) to just say, there is really nothing so far in the show that I didn’t like. I guess if I HAD to pick one thing it’d be the teenage angst type scenes but even those make sense for what the story was trying to do. Anyway, back to the show…..

Nancy comes to the conclusion that it’s a bear shark. haha sort of, she has a theory that it hunts alone and can smell blood, like a bear and a shark at the same time. A good theory I would say considering the build up to this. Just to restate my point, the 80’s feel this show was going for was executed flawlessly! Jonathon does however end up ruining their plans of going monster hunting by beating the hell out of Steve, Nancy’s first ‘good time’. El has another badass scene where she stops the bullies. After that scene we find out that El is the one that actually opened the gate that is allowing all of this to happen. Mike (Will’s friend, the leader of the group [and DM of the role playing campaign] which is also Nancy’s brother) tells her it’s not her fault. Then off they go again to fight evil. This is where episode 7 picks up. With Mike and El about to kiss. We go immediately into a high pressure chase as the Government agents are trying to catch El to take her back. Lucas finally comes around and apologizes for being a dick to El and they become a friendly group again.

Is this blog too long? Well I’m committed now so let’s keep watching! 😛

The level of acting, by both the adults AND the kids in this show is nothing short of amazing. I was so into the seventh episode I didn’t even type anything until just now. El is trying to help them find Will, they found him but they still don’t really know how to get to him. Nancy and Jonathon decide to try to go monster hunting again since Hop and Will’s mom are gone to try to find Will. Hop and Will’s mom end up getting captured trying to break into the Government place to get to the gate again. On to the final episode of season 1 I go!

I’m not going to give away much of the ending (I know, that’s stupid considering how many spoilers I have already said). I’m going to watch the rest of the episode then I will give my thoughts on what happened and the season overall.

Alright I just finished the season and I have to say, damn. That ended exactly the way it should have ended. The only, and I do mean only, real complaint I have is that they spent the time setting up and us meeting who I assume to be El’s real mom and then did nothing with that story line whatsoever. In any case, yes, watch this show! I am very impressed with it overall..


Game of Thrones Season 6 – WHAT just happened?! A lot.

GoTFirst and foremost let me just say WOW. In this blog I am going to focus mainly on the finale as it seems more happened in this finale than in all the previous nine episodes combined. The whole season was a build up, and a great one, to this huge episode! Let’s discuss it a bit! Thanks  for coming to hang out with me today but if you haven’t watched the finale yet I would suggest you stop reading now, spoilers are incoming!

First and foremost we get to see how Cersei decided to deal with her trial from the seven. Instead of dealing with it she basically just decided to blow up half of the city. In that explosion, among countless others were Queen Marjorie and her brother and the High Sparrow! The outfit they had Cersei in was phenomenal, I see a lot of Cosplayers coming for this one. Oh and let’s not forget the King committed suicide! That means that Cersei is again on the Iron Throne….for now. And that’s the perfect segway into  the Queen of Dragons. At the end of the episode we see her finally on her way to Westeros with all her ships and troops that we have been building toward forever! A storm is coming Cersei, a Storm Born, you better look out. A few other things that I want to mention, Arya finally got her revenge on the Freys, all of them. I don’t know how many of my readers watch South Park but the way she handled her revenge was very Cartman-like. Kudos to those that get that reference. Oh and let’s not forget we find out that Jon Snow is the son of Ned Stark and HIS SISTER. Yea, that happened. The north and all it’s Houses have rallied behind Jon Snow and House Stark for the great war that’s coming.

Did I miss anything? I probably did. But man, so much happened! I think I hit all the big ones. In any case, an amazing season! I’m sad that it’s supposedly only going to go on for two more seasons but I can’t wait to see what happens next! Thanks for hanging out with me today everyone!

Big Brother 18 – Blog #1

Big BrotherWe officially started a new season of Big Brother this week and I wanted to start a running blog to share my thoughts throughout the whole summer. I usually live tweet on Twitter, and probably still will, but I wanted to compile some thoughts for a blog as well. This is #1 of the season. Let me just say, as of the time of this blog I have decided to NOT get the Live Feeds this year so I am probably not up to speed as much as those that are. All my thoughts (currently) are based solely on the Episodes that air on TV. So let’s get started…

So the 2 hour premiere, as usual, introduced us to this season’s house guests. We found out pretty quickly there was 12 new people and then 4 returning people. Vanessa and I both predicted within 20 minutes that Glenn would be the first one to go. Although I think I liked him the best at that moment because he wasn’t just another contestant that fit into the mold. But we were right. I was quite happy to see that James returned and he wins my vote as least annoying cast member this season at the moment. I did like the competitions so far this season and the new twists, so we have that going for it! That’s pretty much all I have to say at the moment but below I do want to throw out a few early lists. My lists will likely change and evolve over time as we get to know the cast more and more.

5. Bronte D’Acquist0
4. Jozea Flores
3. Paul Abrahamian
2. Paulie Calafiore
1. Tiffany Rousso

If you notice the top 2 most annoying to me this year are the siblings of previous players that I also found highly annoying. The rest of the list is because of their current personalities.

Top 3 Favorites
3. Nicole Frenzel
2. Frank Eudy
1. James Huling

Again, if you notice the complete list of made up of previous contestants here. That should tell you my feelings about pretty much the whole new cast. And finally last but not least (it’s still VERY early but here are my current predictions)…

Prediction of Final 3
3. Paulie Calafiore
2. Michelle Meyer
1. Victor Arroyo

I feel like at times I am a bit bias after the past two seasons which both left a very bad taste in my mouth. BB 17 was much better than BB 16 but was still very lacking. BB 16 was the worst season of Big Brother in the history of Big Brother in my opinion and ever since then I did lose some interest. After last season again lost my interest that is what queued my decision to not go for the live feeds this year.

As I close out this blog I will make my prediction of who I think will be the second house guest to go home which will air on 6/30/16. I think this early on in the season Nicole will be successful in getting Jozea out of the house (I hope at least). However, I think Nicole will then be one of the two people to go on the block next. Let’s see how it plays out! I hope the excitement and energy returns for me for Big Brother. I am a huge fan and love the show so hopefully this season is huge!

The Walking Dead Season 6 – Episode 15

The Walking DeadTonight was the pre-season finale episode and I just wanted to do a quick blog to discuss a few ideas I had during the episode.

I had previously predicted that Daryl Dixon (since Jesus has sorta showed up and taken over the good looking role) would get killed either this season or next season. He did in fact get hurt in this episode so I may have been a bit hasty in that prediction. I don’t think they would have played this game again and made us ‘think’ he was dead and then him not be after the stunts they pulled with Glenn. Instead, I think this may have been a diversion for Glenn’s death by Lucille which according to the snippets from the Finale was going to be on there. Perhaps this whole season was just preparing us for Glenn’s death and now it’s about to happen, like in the comics.

Another quick note worth mentioning is I think the guy at the farm looking for the horse could have been a prelude to The Kingdom, comic fans will know this. I did notice this was also mentioned on Talking Dead as well.

Anyway, the only thing that confuses me is Dwight has both Glenn AND Daryl at the moment and one of those two are my big prediction to be killed off but I’m not sure Dwight is the character to do it. The only thing I can think is perhaps Dwight is part of the Saviors (which I’m not sure what he is really part of) and Negan is on the way to him now and then Negan basically has his pick. He would take Glenn or Daryl and use as the bargaining chip with Rick and when Rick denies the bargain he kills Glenn/Daryl. I could be completely wrong on that prediction but that’s the only thing, at the moment, that I can think of that would make sense to get the characters in the right place for the plot that fits my prediction.

The Walking Dead Season 6 Episodes 11 – 14

The Walking DeadI am going to do this blog a bit differently than usual for my Walking Dead rambles. Of course I loved all of these episodes so I will talk less about that and more about what I think is happening/going to happen. Keep in mind this is just my theories, nothing more.

So I think they have brought Jesus on the show as the ‘good looking’ male relief so they have the possibility to kill off Daryl for a big shock, maybe not this season. I say that because they have taken away from him and then somewhat given back to him. They have show his struggle and even Carol (his closest ally it seems) is apparently going away. I think this will be a HUGE shock if they do this but I think it’s possible. I think it’s possible that in lieu of Negan killing off Glenn like in the comics they may let it be Daryl instead. They may keep Glenn so they can show more of the family dynamic, something that Daryl can’t do.

I think Carol is ‘going away’ to perhaps find and deal with the Negan or other threats in her own way. I think she’s starting to feel too comfortable and she doesn’t like what that’s doing to her. That’s the only real reason I can think of for her current change in character.

I don’t know how or in what way but I think it’s crucial they start using Morgan for a bigger part of the stories soon.

I think we’ll see Maggie in charge of the Hilltop before the season ends.

Those are my biggest predictions for the moment. What are you thoughts? Do you think I’m right? Wrong? Why?