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August 2016 MunchPak Unboxing and Taste Test

2016-08-04_16.35.16Hello everyone and thanks for joining me today for the August 2016 MunchPak blog! For this box it was a bit of an accident as we meant to change it from having more sweet stuff to having more savory stuff. It is what it is though, we still had a great time taste testing this box! We each had some favorites and I think we each had maybe one thing out of all of it that we didn’t like. You can watch us open up the box and taste it all in the video below! I did some new editing in this video and tried some new things, please let us know what you think in the Youtube comments and by clicking ‘like’ there! And MOST importantly, if you are watching the video from this blog PLEASE head over and subscribe to our channel as that helps us a lot!

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Thanks for hanging out with me today!

Arcade Block July 2016 Unboxing

2016-08-04_13.42.51Hello everyone and thanks for joining me today as we take a look at July’s Arcade Blog! We really enjoyed opening up this box and the items inside. Check out the video below to see the items as we open them and hear what we think about them:

Thanks for checking out the blog and video! Overall I thought this box was so-so. I would consider trying another month or two to see if it gets better. You can CLICK HERE if you want to try a box for yourself!

The Walking Dead – Upper Prison Cell 109pc Construction Set

20160804_144654Thanks for joining me for a few minutes here on ChrisCarp’s Rambles as we put together the cool set of The Walking Dead Upper Prison Cell we got in July’s Horror Block subscription box! Being a HUGE The Walking Dead fan I was very excited to see this in this month’s box. To be fair, Vanessa is the one that is putting it together. She is my go to builder for all building and construction sets. She is a master at it.
jjjjj lkdjfWe have put together some McFarlane stuff before and it was pretty hard. Not hard in the sense of difficult to understand but hard in the sense of hard to actually make work. This set, in her words, wasn’t much different. She got it together and it looks awesome but her experience is they aren’t as fun as Lego to put together. From my perspective though, I LOVE the way they look, so I am a fan of them!
20160804_152430-1 20160804_152434It took her quite a while to get it all put together. We got the Carol figure but we did NOT get the Zombie figure. I was under the assumption that we would get it. A but disappointed but Carol, you know, she is badass so it’s okay that we just got her.
20160804_153356-1 lkjfff
Overall I think this was an awesome addition to July’s Horror Block and I will for sure be keeping it! Check out the pictures!

Horror Block July 2016 Unboxing / Opening

2016-08-04_13.40.15So today we got some awesome goodies in the mail and one of the most awesome ones is July’s Horror Block! This box had some AWESOME stuff in it, some of my favorite stuff from any box. You can check out the video below and see us un-box and talk about each item.

We had a very good time with this one and making the video! My favorite item this month as the Jason hat. Vanessa’s favorite item was the Psycho House shirt. VERY nice items, very nice box! If you haven’t gotten your  already you can CLICK HERE to get your box!

Loot 4 FanGirls – July 2016 (Special Edition)

2016-08-01_17.33.41Today we got an exclusive box in the mail! It was a Loot4FanGirls box and I have to say, I’m not a girl but this box was AWESOME. We opened it up and was immediately greeted by a very nice dress that had a ton of Marvel Characters on it!
2016-08-01_17.29.49We then kept digging a bit and ran across a Lil DC Comics Bombshell mystery pack. We opened it up and found it was Wonder Woman! With a little research these are quite valuable on eBay.

That’s not all though, there was a Star Trek purse! I kinda wanted it…
2016-08-01_17.31.50Very nice quality items in this box and some VERY cool things! Below are pictures of the rest of the items in the box as well. I have to admit this was a very cool box that I kinda wish was a more regular thing and not a special edition. Very cool!

2016-08-01_17.28.01 2016-08-01_17.28.57 2016-08-01_17.30.51 2016-08-01_17.32.36

Tokyo Treat August 2016 Un-boxing

IMG_20160730_162122Hello guys and welcome to August’s Tokyo Treat un-boxing blog! This month we got a ton of stuff. You can watch us un-box it below as well as taste test each item!

Overall I have to say this month’s box was a hit and miss for me. I like a couple of the things and I didn’t like some of the stuff. It was, however, a fun experience to try all of them! My favorite our of this month was probably either the Watermelon Fanta or the Wasabi chips. Thanks for taking a few minutes to check out the video and reading the blog!

Comic Bento July 2016 Un-Boxing

Hey guys! Thanks for taking a few minutes to check out my newest blog! Today we got our July Comic Bento box and I wanted to share it with you all! Below you can watch the unboxing video to see what we thought about the items inside!

Overall I do have to admit I LOVED this box. The comics came in fantastic condition, it was a nice mix of comics for the Robot Theme and I had a good time opening it up! And most importantly, I am excited to actually read a few of them!

If you liked what you saw you can use my referral link to order yours and it helps support this blog a little.


Nerd Block July 2016 Un-Boxing

Welcome to my blog about the July Nerd Block subscription box! I was very excited to get this one and check it out and I must say I was not disappointed! You can check out the video below to see us do the unboxing as well as our reaction to the items. In future blogs (soon) I will include pictures of the items as well to make the blogs even more descriptive and fun!

The items in July’s box were quite nice, I have to admit I was not disappointed with it at all. Vanessa REALLY enjoyed her Zuul shirt! I think my favorite item out of the box was the Exclusive Harley Quinn keychain but the Joker plush came in a close second! The items this month were high quality, lots of exclusives! I sincerely doubt you’ll find any of this month’s items in our EBAY STORE, but you never know so make sure to keep an eye out!

If you did like this box and want to try it our for yourself make sure to use my link and you’ll also help support my blog a little!