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Updates and current events

Hello everyone! I just wanted to do a quick blog to discuss a few things that are going on right now! First off I want to announce that I have officially started my YOUTUBE CHANNEL! I haven’t updated the blog in a while because I have been researching and working hard to get this thing launched! And it’s live now, make sure to go check that out and subscribe! I currently have two videos live to¬† check out. Don’t worry though, this blog is staying around too!

Next, The Walking Dead starts back this Sunday! I’m very excited to see what happens and to write blogs about it! I will most likely write a couple of blogs per episode, one for here and one for the other site I blog on. I was considering doing some kind of ‘hang out’ place for you guys to go and hang out and chat while The Walking Dead is on but I haven’t quite decided if it’s something that would be worth doing or not. So make sure to let me know if that’s something you’d like, to hang around with like minded people and watch/discuss the show as it airs.

And just a few more quick notes, a couple of shows that I am very excited about right now is Colony and starting Monday Better Call Saul comes back on as well! Also, I updated my ‘Games I am playing‘ page as I finally won my first online match on Madden! And I started playing one of those free xbox live gold games you get each month as well (I will put a video up of that on my youtube soon). But that’s it for now, make sure to subscribe to the youtube channel and stay tuned here for more fun!