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This is where I will post little snippets about news I find out or anything like that in little quick, short blog posts.

News: DC Comics Rebirth

I thought I would put a list of, from my understanding, the titles that will be available during the 2 year ‘Rebirth’ of the DC Universe and alongside that put if I plan to read them. This serves as both news (in case you’re looking to find out what titles have been announced as of this blog) as well as an opinion article. So here goes:

Allstar Batman – Yes, will read
Batgirl – Yes, will read
Batgirl and Birds of Prey – Yes, will read
Batman Beyond – Probably  will not read
Batman and Batman Rebirth – Probably will read
Blue Beetle – Won’t read
Cyborg – Won’t read
Deathstoke – Probably will read
Detective Comics – Yes, will read
Flash – Yes, will read
Green Arrow – Probably will not read
Green Lanterns – Probably will not read
Hal Jordan & the Green Lantern Corps – Won’t read
Harley Quinn – Yes, will read
The Hellblazer – Maybe
Justice League – Yes, will read
Justice League America – Won’t read
New Superman – Won’t read
Nightwing – Probably will read
Red Hood & The Outlaws – Probably will read
Suicide Squad – Yes, will read
Supergirl – Maybe
Superman – Maybe
Super Sons – Probably will not read
Teen Titans – Maybe
Titans – Maybe
Trinity – Probably will read

By my count that is 27 titles they plan to have during the 2-year Rebirth. I do see I put will read or probably will read quite a bit on there. With that many titles I may have to start a donation thing so I can buy all those and blog about them! 😉 I hear Patreon is great for bloggers but I haven’t really looked into it. I do appreciate each and every one of the 27,000+ visitors that have came and read my blog though! Which ones are you excited about?

News: Allstar Batman will be written by Scott Snyder!

I know I am a couple days late to the party but I just now found out that Scott Snyder will be writing the new Allstar Batman twice monthly comic that is going to be part of the main continuity! This is in no relation to Allstar Batman and Robin apparently. He will also be joined by the great John Romita Jr!

That’s it, I just wanted to make a quick blog about it so you guys would know if you’re a fan of Batman and/or what Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo did on their run! In any case, keep an eye for this one!

I personally am a huge Batman fan and really enjoyed Snyder’s run on it so to see he got this one is very exciting to me.