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This is the home of all our blogs for our pet Parakeet, Jelly Bean.

Parakeet – Day One

Today we decided, quite abruptly, that we were going to get a new pet. We settled on a Parakeet for a few reasons. I, personally, have never had a bird as a pet but Vanessa had and she loved them. So we did decide and Vanessa went and got the bird cage, food, a toy and the Parakeet. I haven’t decided yet how often I will blog about it, maybe everyday for a while or maybe once a week or something, not sure!

We have decided on a name yet but it is a beautiful bird, take a look at the picture! I figured I would do a little blog about the experience of having it as pet to serve as both education as well as a keepsake for us.

We were informed by the pet store owner that starting out Parakeets were usually bitey. When we first got home it was very sleepy so we put food and water in it’s cage and put in it’s toy and perches and left it alone for a while. In the meantime we just are waiting for Zack to get home from school to settle on a name for it! We really don’t know if it’s a male or female yet to be honest, that’s why I keep saying ‘it’.

Anyway, enjoy the first pictures of our new Parakeet!