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Today we are going to take a look at the movie Interstellar. I noticed that it was added to Amazon Prime Video so I decided to use the Xbox One app and give it a go. I am going to do some of the blog as I watch it and then a recap at the end. I won’t do a lot of blogging during though so it may seem scattered at times. Hang in there. Here we go… Interstellar 2One of the first things I was immediately excited about was the fact that, I assume, this is a sci-fi movie and I seen that it had John Lithgow in it. I have loved him in everything from 3rd Rock from the Son to Dexter. In any case, let’s keep watching. The first part of the movie seems focused around them messing around with a drone and something about dust. I do, however, immediately feel a bit lost in the story-line. So apparently the world ran out of farmers so now they only choose a select few to go to the university, everyone else is delegated to farm so it doesn’t happen again. I am just spit-balling trying to understand the story as we go. So you get to discover as I discover! So I am now to the part with the first dust storm shots, very reminiscent of the dust bowl dust storm in the early 19th century I believe it was. This ‘ghost’ the little girl keeps talking about, my first thoughts is that it’s some sort of alien? So the movie got really intense and really good and I didn’t type for probably an hour. I am an hour and a half in now, a little over half way through. The story is AMAZING so far. Let’s keep watching… InterstellarSo I didn’t write anything else until now, when the movie was over because it had my attention the whole time. What an incredible movie this was! The writing, the acting, the whole thing was incredible. The ending was just right. If you haven’t watched this yet, you should!