About Me

I am a geek that likes to talk about geeky things. That’s about it. This page will contain spoilers so make sure you have watched or read before reading this blog! I am not responsible if you spoil it for yourself. I created this blog to basically share my thoughts about things I enjoy. To post ideas I have based on things I enjoy. I may even eventually do some original stuff on here, but that’s on down the line. Basically, I do this for fun, I do it because I enjoy it. I hope you enjoy reading, if so feel free to share this blog with your friends!

Occasionally I will have other people post blogs with their opinions on things. My opinion is my opinion and their opinion is their opinion. While we may agree it’s also possible we disagree. So do not assume that every contributor has the same opinion about any topic.

IMPORTANT: If you see images on my posts they are copyright and trademark of their respective owners. I do not claim to own any art, pictures or otherwise unless specifically noted on that post. If nothing is noted then the art, picture or otherwise is copyright and trademark of their respective owner. Posted: 1/1/2016

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