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Black Australorps In October

The Black Australorps just turned 4 months old! The pictures above are from October 13th, 2018 which is the day after they turned 4 months old. These girls are very special to us as they are what basically started us on this homesteading adventure. This flock has 12 Black Australorps and 2 white roosters that we hatched from our family’s flock in our incubator. We order 10 of these hens and got 12 and they are all very healthy and happy. We love the temperament of these chickens, they love to jump up and sit on your arm. They REALLY love when you let them eat meal-worms out of your hands. They are a very pretty chicken with the black feathers with the green tint on their feathers. We aren’t really sure when they should start laying but we have started including laying food into their daily food. Based on the research we have done they should start laying sometime between now and when they are 6 months old but we wanted to make sure they had all the nutrition they needed for good egg production right away. These pictures were taken just days after our area was hit with Hurricane Michael which was one of the worst Hurricanes on record and the flooding in this area of Western North Carolina was terrible but these girls were just fine and were nice and safe in their home the whole time. Thank you for reading! We will continue to post blogs about this flock as time goes on so make sure to watch for that if you’re interested in Black Australorps and/or our Mother Clucker flock!

Written by: Chris

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