Sunnyside Up Homestead

Meet Bugs

This is Bugs! He is one of our breeding bucks. He’s a Lionhead buck but we aren’t sure of the age of him. We don’t currently have any breeding scheduled for him at the moment but when we do there will be a post about the plans for him. He’s a very nice buck that enjoys being held and petted. He LOVES to eat hay but doesn’t eat a ton of anything. He’s a beautiful smokey-colored buck and we think he’d be gorgeous to breed with Gizmo as the kits would be really pretty. He also really enjoys laying in the sun during the day and taking in the heat. The picture on the left was taken on October 13th, 2018. Keep an eye for future blog posts about Bugs! If you would like to comment on this post we would love to hear what you think of him!

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