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Meet Gizmo

Meet Gizmo. She is one of our breeding stock does. She is a Lionhead rabbit. We aren’t sure of her age but she had her first litter of Kits on our Homestead on October 3rd, 2018. She had a total of 6 kits but lost one so she has 5 right now. I will post some pictures of her kits below as they look today, October 13th, 2018 meaning they are 10 days old. They are starting to get some fur and their eyes seem to be starting to open. Gizmo seems to be a fantastic mother and is very gentle. She loves to be held and petted. Especially if you hold her close to your body and rub her belly and between her ears. As Gizmo has more adventures into motherhood and other things we will make sure to post more blogs about her! Make sure to register on the site and comment below if you think she is cute and you would like to see more about her!


Written by: Chris

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