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Lionhead Baby Bunnies

One of our Lionhead does, Gizmo, had babies on October 3rd, 2018. She has 5 bunnies right now! All of the bunnies from this group of bunnies will be for sale on November 29th! We don’t know the sex of any of them yet but will post that out as soon as we know. We will start posting pics of the bunnies on this same blog post very soon as they age.

The price of the bunnies are going to be $20 when they are 8 weeks old (November 29th, 2018). If you’d like to be added to the list to try to get one of them when they are ready to go please let us know on Social Media or leave a comment below (you have to register on the site first to leave a comment). Please note we are located in Western North Carolina and do not ship rabbits nor deliver. You would need to pick the bunny up at our Homestead. We will let everyone know when they are ready to go and it will be based on a first come, first serve basis so get your name to us early if you want one.

These bunnies will NOT be sold under any circumstances prior to turning 8 weeks old.

Here are some pictures of the bunnies at 10 days old! We will continue to update this page with pictures of them as they grow.


Written by: Chris

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