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A day in the life of Astro

Hello! My name is Astro and I’m a male Pygmy goat! I wake up in the morning and immediately start wanting hay and grain for a nice breakfast to start my day. I’m a pretty small goat compared to my friend Sookie so I’m a little shy around her. She doesn’t like it when I try to eat grain out of her bowl. I’m a pretty young little boy, I am around 4 months old so a lot of things in the world are still new to me. I just moved to my new home a few days ago so I am still very jumpy around the humans around here. However, I’m very happy with my new barn I just got today, it’s my own private haven! I like to climb on things and go up on the hills and eat all the brush and leaves I can find throughout the day. In the middle of the day the humans always come and make sure I have water and hay. I have a nice big area to play around in and I really enjoy it. Then, when it starts getting later in the evening the humans will bring more grain up to me and the youngest one likes to site in the barn with me and pet me. I think I enjoy it but I’m still unsure of the whole situation until I get used to them more. Then, after I finish eating and darkness comes I go into my barn in my nice, soft bed of hay and go to sleep. It’s nice and warm in here and I have all the hay and water I could ever dream of! I’m sure as I get more and more used to all these humans around here I will become less shy. Until then, I really enjoy my days here!

Written by: Zack

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