Blog Entry 5/6 – Fear The Walking Dead – Season (so far) review

Hello everyone and welcome back to ChrisCarp’s Rambles! Today we are going to talk about Fear The Walking Dead. I wanted to share my thoughts on the new season so far. So let’s jump in…

The first episode of the season, as expected, was very centered on Morgan and how he is planted into the show moving forward. Don’t get me wrong, I love Morgan, but I feel that they spent too much time on the first episode of Fear and the finale episode of The Walking Dead setting it up. That said, the first episode wasn’t bad but wasn’t anything special. I did like the introduction of the new characters and am excited to see how they are used.

The second episode was a bit more along the lines of what the show normally is. I really enjoyed the first part of the episode when they are showing life inside the walls with the farms. 

As usual Nick’s character (and acting) is super annoying and I wish they’d leave him out of the show completely typically. The scene where he is driving out, however, was very well done and very relate-able and made me ALMOST like his character. I have no idea what is going on with the arrival of the people boarding the zombies and sitting there drinking. I do like the idea of this and the introduction of the new characters. I’m actually a bit more excited about this show than the original Walking Dead. The concept of what they do is very interesting. I really enjoy the direction of the show showing how life works in the walls. Turns out it was a flashback and then we move to Morgan again…

In the third episode of the season we see Nick destroying all the crops and burning them. I was a bit taken by surprise when we went back into a flashback sequence instead of present. But then it went back to present, thank goodness. I was very excited to see this first interaction!

The vehicle crash and first interactions between the newer characters and the old characters instantly drew my attention and I was very excited to see how it went. By the way, I am writing this review as I watch it live so it may be a bit scattered. I absolutely love the ton, and setting in this episode. The background noises, the whole thing is amazing. I may have said it before but I must say it again…I think this show is overtaking the original as far as interest by me. I really am enjoying the interaction between Nick and Morgan in this episode, which makes me happy because normally I don’t like interactions between Nick and anyone. Morgan showed him immediately just how bad-ass he was. The camera usage on this show does leave me wondering how hard/easy it is to get batteries in the apocalypse.  I have no idea what the hell Nick is trying to accomplish and wouldn’t even toss Morgan his stick. After punching him in his bum leg. This is why I can’t stand that character.

‘Because the truth matter’,  ‘The truth isn’t about words, it’s about what really happens’. This was my favorite line of quotes of the season so far. It was so meaningful and in depth. Very impressive writing. Too bad it went back to a scene with Nick after that. And then Morgan has to come save him, after all that. That’s why I love Morgan, but he should have just left him be for zombie food.

That being said I am excited to see where this interaction takes us.  ‘I don’t kill’ is Morgan’s reasoning for not leaving Nick for Walker food. I get it, but gah. Then we cut to more flashbacks.

Morgan not being at 100% is depressing but at the same time, his 50% is better than most characters anyway. I do have to admit the acting in this second half of the episode has really fallen off. But that’s okay, the story is still going amazingly so far. And the horn honking, annoying, but it’s an important element of the story so I get it. Sorry if this is running a bit long, I seem to review more in depth when I do live rather than a few days later. But again, these blogs will alternate between styles and topics as I feel like it. Anyway, the scene where they are pulling out the vehicle seems so off to me, why not start the thing and help the truck pull it out? If it won’t start then what’s the point in pulling it out to start with? Morgan’s talk with Nick is very well written. Wait….is Ann the one leaving the flags with the numbers? It makes me wonder after seeing the secret hiding place and the way it was labeled. Also, is Madison not alive anymore? It seems they are only using her in flashbacks and making it so we get the feels when we see her on screen. It makes me worry. Err, what. WHAT. Nick gets shot by Charlie!?! Oh, spoilers by the way. I don’t even….WOW. Holy crap. Wow! I can’t believe they are seemingly going to kill off Nick! They did it. WHAT, they did it! This is what The Walking Dead used to be! That caught me by complete surprise! Did they? I have no idea. I think so.

Alright that’s it for this blog. Thank you all for sticking in there with me and reading!