Cities Skylines – Tiki Isles (Part 3)

Welcome to Tiki Isles!
Starting Pop: ~NA Crash
Starting $: ~NA Crash
Date Played: 4/30/17

Welcome Back to Tiki Isles!

If you are following this series you know that the last blog mentioned that we spent a large amount of time doing a bunch of stuff and ended up losing it all because we didn’t save…. We took a bit of a break (because Vanessa was pretty pissed that we lost all that work) and decided to jump back in today!

Our main goal today was to basically get us back to where we were when we had the crash and lost it all. We were focusing on trying to get rid of as many industrial areas and replace them with office areas and buying some new plots of land.

What did we accomplish?

We did end up achieving what we set out to do. We bought four new plots of land but haven’t really started on anything on it yet. We did get rid of the majority of the industrial areas and we did some road upgrades. We also spent some time fixing our bus routes. Overall I think we got back about where or maybe a bit better than we were before the crash. So now we can start making new gains!

Overall I think we got back about where or maybe a bit better than we were before the crash. So now we can start making new gains! More screenshots and maybe even videos coming soon!

Better Call Saul Season 3 – Episode 3

What happened in this episode?

This episode was pretty eventful. We see Jimmy get arrested because his brother turns him in. We see Mike meet Gus for the first time. Another great episode of storytelling and acting.  There is some great relationship dynamics going on between Kim and Jimmy. And we can’t leave out the great acting by the secretary Francesa! Overall another fantastic episode!

Thoughts and predictions…

Vanessa is very disgusted by Jimmy’s brother. In fact, she has hated him for a bit now. I understand that, but to me, it is an interesting dynamic. They are both caniving so it’s interesting to me to see what that leads to. Vanessa thinks that Gus is going to play a bigger part in the coming episodes. She also thinks that Jimmy isn’t going to get out of this mess. She thinks this is what makes him ‘Saul Goodman’. I can see her opinion and why she’d think this and I do agree for the most part. “He’s not a murderer, he’s not a rapist but he is easily one of the best TV villians”, says Vanessa about Jimmy’s brother.


Overall, Vanessa and I both really enjoyed this episode. It continued the high-quality storytelling and character development. In fact, they are building more and more dynamic relationships with the characters and I can’t wait to see how it all plays out when all those worlds collide!


Cities Skylines – Tiki Isles (Part 2)

Welcome to Tiki Isles!
Starting Pop: 15,016
Starting $: $80,954
Date Played: 4/24/17

It’s time to jump back into Tiki Isles! We were excited to get started back working on the city today. Good news, we did figure out how to do screenshots and videos so we can show you what we are doing!

Here is where we started today:

We have a pretty good thing going here with this city. You can see we have some large areas but still lots to do. And we haven’t even expanded into new areas yet!

What do we want to accomplish today?

A couple of urgent things we need to address today is the flooding problem in the tourist area. We will put in a water pump and see if that keeps the water down. We will also start getting rid of more industrial zoning and planting trees to continue to clean up the pollution. In theory, I would like to buy a new zone and start building onto our city and expanding, but we’ll see how it goes. We need to keep addressing the ongoing power issue.

What did we actually accomplish?

  1. We put a water pump into the tourist area, let’s see if that fixes the flooding problem.
  2. We continued to get rid of abandoned buildings in the industrial and dezoned more of it.
  3. We built around 8 more advanced wind turbines and are managing a surplus of power at the moment.
  4. We have greatly reduced the ground pollution in the city.
  5. We did it. We not only bought one new zone, we bought FOUR new zones. Let the fun begin! We don’t have plans to expand into all of them, or really even much into any of them just yet. We were just getting prepared.

Cool shots of the city from today!

Here is a cool shot from the main bridge across the river. You can see some of the wind power plants in the distance.
Here’s a nice shot of a residential neighborhood after dark.
Too many windmills? Nah!

In conclusion…

The amount of people using the basic subway and bus system we built is amazing me! I do feel like we achieved quite a bit of success in our playing tonight. I hope you guys are enjoying Cities Skylines! I enjoy playing it and writing the blogs about it! I will continue to try to make it as interactive with pictures and more as I can! If you’d like to see us do a video of the city, a stroll down mainstreet please comment on this post and let me know!


This whole blog is void. Why? Because we hadn’t saved since the very first screenshot and the game crashed. Which means we LOST EVERYTHING we had done today. I am still going to put this blog up for a couple of reasons. One, as a reminder to save the game often. And two so you (and we) can see what we need to accomplish next time. Oh well, it happens. It’s our fault for not saving I guess.

Silicon Valley Season 4 – Episode 1

What was this episode about?

First off, let me just say yes, I know I skipped any review of season 3. I loved it. That’s all you need to know for now! Now let’s get into season 4! The first episode (this one) came on April 23rd, 2017. So the basic breakdown of this episode is we find out that Richard is not happy developing the video chat app that they last season ended with them doing. He suddenly decides he basically wants to create a new internet and decided to quit working with all his friends.

Did I enjoy the episode?

Yes! The comedy is still spot on, even this many seasons in. I really enjoyed the new direction of the show and look forward to seeing where it’s going. I typically make predictions early on in a season but I really don’t know right now. I think we will see Richard struggling to build his new idea and I would imagine he will eventually try to bring the rest of the gang over to help him. But then what happens to the video chat? How are they going to keep it interesting for two story lines like that at once? Let’s wait and see!

Should I watch this show?

In my opinion, if you enjoy funny shows and/or shows about the tech industry this yes, you should. Even if you just enjoy some solid writing and pretty great acting you should absolutely check it out as well. The show is TV-MA so make sure to keep that in mind.

Where can I buy the seasons?

It helps support this blog if you use the link below to purchase the season on Amazon!

Cities Skylines – Tiki Isles (Part 1)


Cities Skylines is a top notch city builder that just was released on Xbox One on April 21st 2017. Vanessa and I were very excited for this release and immediately decided to jump in and start our own city! This game also came with the After Dark DLC as part of the price.

Welcome to Tiki Isles

Tiki Isles is the first city Vanessa and I have built in this game with the exception of one quick practice city to just learn the controls that we didn’t even save. We decided to work together and try to build a city and see how it turned out. We chose the Islands section and got started! We have probably put in around 9 hours to our city so far and we are still on the first block but we do intend to purchase a second block soon! Currently we are using wind, coal and oil power to power the city with a couple of water pumps and sewage pumps. We recently also built a water treatment plant. We are starting to phase out our industrial areas and plant trees to get rid of the ground pollution. We recently unlocked the office zoning tool as well as the high density zoning capability and we are starting to work that in as well. We did try to add a dam for hydro-electric power and that didn’t turn out very well. We had a huge flood that took about a year in game to clear out.

We did also recently build a bus depot as well as a subway system and those are working wonders for the city so far. We are still having some major traffic issues but we are slowing starting to make plans to fix those as well. As of this blog our population is just over 10,000 and we have over $100,000 with an earnings of around $8k in the green per cycle. This information is as of 4/23/17 at 10:00pm.

What’s next?

We are currently working on plans to buy another plot of land and extending the city into that square. But before we do that we do want to work on the traffic as well as re-zone the industrial area we are working to clean up. We want to do some office space as well as perhaps some commercial there as well. We also went and deleted all the districts we had but we are considering redoing the districts and naming them. As far as this blog goes, I would love to do some screen shots or maybe even videos to show you guys the city and how it’s progressing. I just have to figure out how to do that since it’s on the XBox.

If you enjoyed this blog make sure to let me know and we will keep doing it!


Better Call Saul Season 3 Episodes 1 and 2

What’s going on this season?

Going into this season we knew that Jimmy’s brother had recorded him admitting that he had tampered with those documents. So it was already a very tense situation. I was wondering if we’d jump right back in where the last season left off and sure enough, we did! I was very excited to see that. So in the first two episodes we have had a pretty hefty story involving Mike. Someone is following him and had a tracer in his gas cap, which he eventually found. Jimmy, in the second episode has just found out that his brother had recorded him and went off the deep end. That’s the first two episodes very briefly.

Am I enjoying this season so far?

The short answer is yes. I was looking forward to seeing how this  season was approached and it hasn’t let me down. At least not so far. I know this isn’t going to be a popular opinion but I think I may enjoy this show more than I did Breaking Bad. The writing is spot on and the acting is top notch, what more could you ask? I think if you enjoyed Saul in Breaking Bad you should watch this show if you aren’t. Or, if you’re just a fan of solid writing give it a shot as well. My favorite part of the show is the way it’s paced. It doesn’t feel rushed but also it doesn’t feel too slow. There aren’t a lot of bang bang shoot ’em up scenes but the show doesn’t need them. The character development and dialogue alone make it worth watching.

If you’d like to check it out and help support this blog at the same time consider using this link:

Bates Motel Seasons 1-4

What did I think of Seasons 1-4 Bates Motel?

I didn’t watch this show for the longest time. Why? I’m not really sure. I know it’s a genre that I love and it’s something that I would probably enjoy. But I never really wanted to take the leap and watch it. But I finally did. Vanessa and I decided to finally hop in and binge watch the first four seasons on Netflix. We have the fifth season recording on our DVR as well.  There may be spoilers in this blog so if you haven’t watched it and don’t want spoilers, come back and read AFTER you have watched these seasons.

After only a short time I was hooked. The actors that played Norman and Norma instantly drew me in. Their acting is phenomenal and make the characters truly captivating. The town itself even seems like a character in the show, which I really enjoyed. The first season works as a very good introduction to the psychotic life of the Bates. We learn about Norman’s “black outs” and what happened to his father as well was watch him and Norma cover up a murder that happened in their recently purchased motel. And when I say happened, I mean they committed it. Bythe end of the first season I was blown away by this cast.

Going on into the season Dylan, Emma, Caleb, Chick and Alex were all played so well by the actors. The story kept developing and I was excited to see what was going to happen next. Now, to be fair, I was afraid they were going to use the same formula every season and just rinse and repeat it. That did not happen. Each season has its own story and its own feel. That excited me greatly. We get to watch Norma almost grow into a normal season nearing the end of season 4. At the same time, we are watching Norman fall further into the chaos. Then the two worlds collide again and we say goodbye to Norma…in a sense.  This was both very good story telling and quite sad. When a writer makes you almost pull for the success of a character like Norma Bates I think they have done their job, and done it well.

In conclusion….

At the end of the fourth season I was quite sad at what all had transpired but at the same time quite excited to see what was going to happen next. We are taking a break from Bates Motel for a bit before we start on the next season. Season 5 is the final season of Bates Motel so it’s exciting to think of how they will wrap it up!

What shows am I looking forward to?

Silicon Valley starts back 4/23/17 on HBO!
Game of Thrones is coming back on in a couple months.


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