Super Geek Box August 2016 Unboxing

2016-08-19_22.26.17Hey guys! Welcome to my blog and thanks for hanging out with me a few minutes as we talk about August’s Super Geek Box! We got this box in the mail today and couldn’t wait to dive in! We had a good time with this one, you can watch us unbox this one and take a look at the items inside in the video below:

That’s right, if you watched the video you saw that Vanessa actually had her picture chosen to go into the insert in this month’s box! We were very excited about that! Overall this wasn’t my favorite box due to the items inside but it wasn’t the worst either! If you want to get your own box you can use THIS LINK to order and it helps support our blog as well! Also make sure to subscribe to us on Youtube so we can keep making the videos!
IMG_20160819_211056 IMG_20160819_211335

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