August 2016 MunchPak Unboxing and Taste Test

2016-08-04_16.35.16Hello everyone and thanks for joining me today for the August 2016 MunchPak blog! For this box it was a bit of an accident as we meant to change it from having more sweet stuff to having more savory stuff. It is what it is though, we still had a great time taste testing this box! We each had some favorites and I think we each had maybe one thing out of all of it that we didn’t like. You can watch us open up the box and taste it all in the video below! I did some new editing in this video and tried some new things, please let us know what you think in the Youtube comments and by clicking ‘like’ there! And MOST importantly, if you are watching the video from this blog PLEASE head over and subscribe to our channel as that helps us a lot!

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Thanks for hanging out with me today!

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