The Walking Dead – Upper Prison Cell 109pc Construction Set

20160804_144654Thanks for joining me for a few minutes here on ChrisCarp’s Rambles as we put together the cool set of The Walking Dead Upper Prison Cell we got in July’s Horror Block subscription box! Being a HUGE The Walking Dead fan I was very excited to see this in this month’s box. To be fair, Vanessa is the one that is putting it together. She is my go to builder for all building and construction sets. She is a master at it.
jjjjj lkdjfWe have put together some McFarlane stuff before and it was pretty hard. Not hard in the sense of difficult to understand but hard in the sense of hard to actually make work. This set, in her words, wasn’t much different. She got it together and it looks awesome but her experience is they aren’t as fun as Lego to put together. From my perspective though, I LOVE the way they look, so I am a fan of them!
20160804_152430-1 20160804_152434It took her quite a while to get it all put together. We got the Carol figure but we did NOT get the Zombie figure. I was under the assumption that we would get it. A but disappointed but Carol, you know, she is badass so it’s okay that we just got her.
20160804_153356-1 lkjfff
Overall I think this was an awesome addition to July’s Horror Block and I will for sure be keeping it! Check out the pictures!

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