Loot 4 FanGirls – July 2016 (Special Edition)

2016-08-01_17.33.41Today we got an exclusive box in the mail! It was a Loot4FanGirls box and I have to say, I’m not a girl but this box was AWESOME. We opened it up and was immediately greeted by a very nice dress that had a ton of Marvel Characters on it!
2016-08-01_17.29.49We then kept digging a bit and ran across a Lil DC Comics Bombshell mystery pack. We opened it up and found it was Wonder Woman! With a little research these are quite valuable on eBay.

That’s not all though, there was a Star Trek purse! I kinda wanted it…
2016-08-01_17.31.50Very nice quality items in this box and some VERY cool things! Below are pictures of the rest of the items in the box as well. I have to admit this was a very cool box that I kinda wish was a more regular thing and not a special edition. Very cool!

2016-08-01_17.28.01 2016-08-01_17.28.57 2016-08-01_17.30.51 2016-08-01_17.32.36

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