Batman (2016) #2 – DC Universe Rebirth

Batman rebirth 2It’s that time again! Today we are going to jump into issue two of Batman: Rebirth! Right off the bat (no pun intended) I was drawn in by the cover of this issue! I am Gotham Part 2. This issue was written by Tom King with pencils by David Finch. Let’s get started…

The Issue starts out with a battle between Solomon Grundy and Gotham, Gotham Girl and Batman. The scene lasted a few pages and was concluded with Batman making a clever joke. It was a nice little series of pages and a nice action scene. Batman has apparently been observing Gotham and Gotham girl from a distance and told Gotham that he was doing good, but to do better. Gotham then goes on to ask Batman for guidance on how to ‘fight the war better’. We then cut to a Bruce and Alfred scene that was quite entertaining. Making a joke that he was shocked when Bruce was talking about Gotham was in chaos. Quite funny, nice writing!

Next we cut to a scene with Gordon and the person that claims he was the one that set free Solomon Grundy. I can’t pinpoint why but this page’s art really draws (no pun intended again) me in, I am loving it! The person then identifies himself as Bob Castro (should I know who this is?). I don’t guess it matters because a page later he plunges a knife into his neck as he announces to Gordon that ‘the monster men are coming, aren’t they strange?’. I have no idea what this means but I am very intrigued. Bob Castro apparently thought that releasing Solomon Grundy was the only chance we had against the ‘monster men’.

Back to Bruce Wayne as he is dancing with a lady and then abruptly decides he has to go (after seeing the Bat Signal out the window). Very nice art on this page as well. He tells Alfred that he is going to bring Gotham and Gotham Girl with him to meet Gordon this time. We then get a very nicely done splash page of Gordon, Gotham and Gotham Girl which made me very happy. After being introduced Jim makes a joke in which he asks ‘is it really easier to fight crime with a mask on?’. He says he thinks it’d itch. A couple pages later, after Jim explains what happened with Bob in his office, Batman does his notorious disappearing act and Gotham asks where he went to which Jim of course replied ‘yeah, he does that’. Gotham is confused because with his special vision he can ‘see everything’ but can’t seem to see Batman. Jim welcome them to the team.

We then cut to a scene that reveals Hugo Strange talking to Roger!

Alright guys, that’s it for this issue! I would say this was a very entertaining issue as well! Make sure to head over to the link below and purchase your digital copy so you can read it now! Let me know what you think!

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