Batman (2016) #3 – DC Universe Rebirth

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It’s that time again! The third issue of Batman is out and we are going to dive in! This issue was written by Tom King, Drawn by David Finch and inked by Danny Miki. Thanks for joining me today for this blog, I hope you enjoy my thoughts. I am going to read it and blog about it as I read it. I seem to enjoy that type of blogging better. So here goes!

First thing is in researching the different covers I did fall in love with the Variant! Very nicely done! Jumping right into the story now. So the story starts out with what seems to be a Bruce Wayne losing his parents flashback. The story is written in such a way they are saying that the people of Gotham are a part of Gotham. Then we find out this is not young Bruce, just another situation that was similar. Except, this time, Batman is there to stop it and say NO. Fantastic introduction to the issue! Let’s keep going…

We then get into what seems to be a Gotham and Gotham Girl origin story. I loved the way the writer led us into this origin story without it feeling forced. We found out (in theory) that Gotham and Gotham Girl (his sister) came about because Batman saved them when they were young. It was the boy from the original scene in the issue. We then cut to another ‘the monster men are coming’ segment as Batman races to save a bridge that is collapsing. We soon see Gotham calling Gotham Girl Claire and her calling him Hank. The same names previously mentioned. We, after some story, see Hugo Strange saying he is not Gotham. Then Batman goes off to follow leads and Gotham and Gotham Girl fall right into Hugo Strange’s trap. He has The Psycho-Pirate (Roger Hayden) with him!

That’s the end of the issue and it was a great one! Make sure to check it out if you haven’t already! Thanks for hanging out with me today!

Tokyo Treat August 2016 Un-boxing

IMG_20160730_162122Hello guys and welcome to August’s Tokyo Treat un-boxing blog! This month we got a ton of stuff. You can watch us un-box it below as well as taste test each item!

Overall I have to say this month’s box was a hit and miss for me. I like a couple of the things and I didn’t like some of the stuff. It was, however, a fun experience to try all of them! My favorite our of this month was probably either the Watermelon Fanta or the Wasabi chips. Thanks for taking a few minutes to check out the video and reading the blog!

Comic Bento July 2016 Un-Boxing

Hey guys! Thanks for taking a few minutes to check out my newest blog! Today we got our July Comic Bento box and I wanted to share it with you all! Below you can watch the unboxing video to see what we thought about the items inside!

Overall I do have to admit I LOVED this box. The comics came in fantastic condition, it was a nice mix of comics for the Robot Theme and I had a good time opening it up! And most importantly, I am excited to actually read a few of them!

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Nerd Block July 2016 Un-Boxing

Welcome to my blog about the July Nerd Block subscription box! I was very excited to get this one and check it out and I must say I was not disappointed! You can check out the video below to see us do the unboxing as well as our reaction to the items. In future blogs (soon) I will include pictures of the items as well to make the blogs even more descriptive and fun!

The items in July’s box were quite nice, I have to admit I was not disappointed with it at all. Vanessa REALLY enjoyed her Zuul shirt! I think my favorite item out of the box was the Exclusive Harley Quinn keychain but the Joker plush came in a close second! The items this month were high quality, lots of exclusives! I sincerely doubt you’ll find any of this month’s items in our EBAY STORE, but you never know so make sure to keep an eye out!

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Stranger Things – Season 1 – Netflix Original

Hey guys! Take a moment, sit back and relax and check out my thoughts on a show that I had seen people posting and posting and posting about on Facebook so I decided to give it a shot and see what it was about. So let’s get started! I am going to just do a review for the whole season since I binge watched the entire first season in one day. It’s only 8 episodes so it didn’t really take that long to watch it.

So the show starts out with a group of kids playing DnD and a scene from inside what appears to be a lab. I’m not going to do a play by play here but I will probably touch on the high points just to be able to express my opinions. So the jest of the story is a character named Will is taken by some kind of alien, faceless monster looking thing. We are soon introduced to Eleven which appears to be some sort of super powered, perhaps lab created human that a local Government secret place had let escape. Will’s group of friends and El (Eleven) set  out to find Will and progressively get closer and closer. Will’s mother is depicted as a mother gone insane as she tells people that Will is communicating with her via lights and she hears him in the walls and stuff. Other people within the same area start disappearing as well. The local Police Chief is really the only one that seems to care and be actively trying to find out what is going on. The Government people are covering up pretty much everything that he finds. The body of ‘Will’ they found, the Chief finds out that it’s just a fake body that was planted to explain his disappearance.

I do like the 80’s vibe this show gives off. It’s almost a mix between Hemlock Grove and the movie Stand By Me. The acting is top notch, the score is great, the filming is fantastic. It’s, overall, a fantastically done story. Anyway, moving on, Will’s friend’s Sister, Nancy, and Will’s brother Jonathon decide to go out on a mission trying to find the monster that took them. They formed this ‘alliance’ when Nancy discovered a photo that Jonathon had taken had a shot of the monster in it. When they are getting ready we find out that Jonathon is a shit shot but Nancy, she’s a crack shot. The police chief finds a bug in his house after breaking into the Government place and getting captured and put back in his house. His name is Hop by the way. At the same time the kids set out to find the portal to the other dimension that apparently this monster takes the ones it takes to (Vanessa called this early on in the story, good job). Nancy eventually enters into the other dimension and the tree she goes in through seems to be closing up. Jonathon is frantically trying to get to her and finally does grab her hand and pull her out. Nancy, I think, is the first one to go in and come back out. Then the tree portal closes. I am going to take a minute (watching episode 6 as I am typing this) to just say, there is really nothing so far in the show that I didn’t like. I guess if I HAD to pick one thing it’d be the teenage angst type scenes but even those make sense for what the story was trying to do. Anyway, back to the show…..

Nancy comes to the conclusion that it’s a bear shark. haha sort of, she has a theory that it hunts alone and can smell blood, like a bear and a shark at the same time. A good theory I would say considering the build up to this. Just to restate my point, the 80’s feel this show was going for was executed flawlessly! Jonathon does however end up ruining their plans of going monster hunting by beating the hell out of Steve, Nancy’s first ‘good time’. El has another badass scene where she stops the bullies. After that scene we find out that El is the one that actually opened the gate that is allowing all of this to happen. Mike (Will’s friend, the leader of the group [and DM of the role playing campaign] which is also Nancy’s brother) tells her it’s not her fault. Then off they go again to fight evil. This is where episode 7 picks up. With Mike and El about to kiss. We go immediately into a high pressure chase as the Government agents are trying to catch El to take her back. Lucas finally comes around and apologizes for being a dick to El and they become a friendly group again.

Is this blog too long? Well I’m committed now so let’s keep watching! 😛

The level of acting, by both the adults AND the kids in this show is nothing short of amazing. I was so into the seventh episode I didn’t even type anything until just now. El is trying to help them find Will, they found him but they still don’t really know how to get to him. Nancy and Jonathon decide to try to go monster hunting again since Hop and Will’s mom are gone to try to find Will. Hop and Will’s mom end up getting captured trying to break into the Government place to get to the gate again. On to the final episode of season 1 I go!

I’m not going to give away much of the ending (I know, that’s stupid considering how many spoilers I have already said). I’m going to watch the rest of the episode then I will give my thoughts on what happened and the season overall.

Alright I just finished the season and I have to say, damn. That ended exactly the way it should have ended. The only, and I do mean only, real complaint I have is that they spent the time setting up and us meeting who I assume to be El’s real mom and then did nothing with that story line whatsoever. In any case, yes, watch this show! I am very impressed with it overall..


Batman (2016) #2 – DC Universe Rebirth

Batman rebirth 2It’s that time again! Today we are going to jump into issue two of Batman: Rebirth! Right off the bat (no pun intended) I was drawn in by the cover of this issue! I am Gotham Part 2. This issue was written by Tom King with pencils by David Finch. Let’s get started…

The Issue starts out with a battle between Solomon Grundy and Gotham, Gotham Girl and Batman. The scene lasted a few pages and was concluded with Batman making a clever joke. It was a nice little series of pages and a nice action scene. Batman has apparently been observing Gotham and Gotham girl from a distance and told Gotham that he was doing good, but to do better. Gotham then goes on to ask Batman for guidance on how to ‘fight the war better’. We then cut to a Bruce and Alfred scene that was quite entertaining. Making a joke that he was shocked when Bruce was talking about Gotham was in chaos. Quite funny, nice writing!

Next we cut to a scene with Gordon and the person that claims he was the one that set free Solomon Grundy. I can’t pinpoint why but this page’s art really draws (no pun intended again) me in, I am loving it! The person then identifies himself as Bob Castro (should I know who this is?). I don’t guess it matters because a page later he plunges a knife into his neck as he announces to Gordon that ‘the monster men are coming, aren’t they strange?’. I have no idea what this means but I am very intrigued. Bob Castro apparently thought that releasing Solomon Grundy was the only chance we had against the ‘monster men’.

Back to Bruce Wayne as he is dancing with a lady and then abruptly decides he has to go (after seeing the Bat Signal out the window). Very nice art on this page as well. He tells Alfred that he is going to bring Gotham and Gotham Girl with him to meet Gordon this time. We then get a very nicely done splash page of Gordon, Gotham and Gotham Girl which made me very happy. After being introduced Jim makes a joke in which he asks ‘is it really easier to fight crime with a mask on?’. He says he thinks it’d itch. A couple pages later, after Jim explains what happened with Bob in his office, Batman does his notorious disappearing act and Gotham asks where he went to which Jim of course replied ‘yeah, he does that’. Gotham is confused because with his special vision he can ‘see everything’ but can’t seem to see Batman. Jim welcome them to the team.

We then cut to a scene that reveals Hugo Strange talking to Roger!

Alright guys, that’s it for this issue! I would say this was a very entertaining issue as well! Make sure to head over to the link below and purchase your digital copy so you can read it now! Let me know what you think!