Star Wars: The Force Awakens #1

Star Wars 1Welcome friends! Today for our comic review I decided to dive into Star Wars: The Force Awakens issue 1!  This was released on June 22, 2016 with story by Chuck Wendig and art by Luke Ross. I’m not really that familiar with either of these artists so I’m excited to see what is in store for me! Let’s get started!

First I did love the way this comic did the intro and outro pages, stayed very true to the heart of Star Wars. As for the comic it is pretty much exactly the same as the movie. I think that’s the point here but I did enjoy getting to see the story unfolding in this format. I did feel like the art captured the feel nicely, the dialogue was well written and the pacing was nice. Issue one tells us the story from when Finn first helps Poe escape up to when he and Rey are about the board the Millenium Falcon. So one issue did cover a nice big chunk of the story. I wish more attention would have been paid to the first part where Ren was killing off the village to immerse us into the story of Finn more but I understand that they probably had a goal that the first issue needed to get to. But yes, this is a nice read for any Star Wars fan!

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