Batman (2016) #1 – DC Universe Rebirth

Batman1Yea, I got hooked. After finishing Batman: Rebirth #1 I wanted to jump right into Batman #1 to see what this series had in store for me! I decided I would go ahead and blog about this one too and release it just a bit after the blog about Batman: Rebirth releases. So let’s jump right in!

This issue is written by Tom King with art by Matt Banning, David Finch and was released on June June 15th, 2016. ‘Ladies and Gentlemen, we are beginning our final descent into Gotham’. That is how we start the issue! Along with that we are greeted with some fantastic art as well!

The story is about a group of people on a plane that was hit by apparently an rpg type weapon that was stolen from Gordon. They hit the plane and are on the way into the city to hit a building which would lead to all those aboard’s demise but also many of those on the ground. We see the people on the plane complaining that they are in Gotham therefore they won’t be saved by a Superman or a Green Lantern. All the while, Batman is on the top of the plane making decisions to save the people. They are quoted as saying ‘a city gets the hero it deserves’. Batman finds a way to save everyone, the problem though, is that he has to sacrifice himself to make sure it happens. He has a very heartfelt talk with Alfred and we hang on as the plane heads toward the water for impact, which would certainly kill him. Before he hits the water though, we see someone in silhouette standing over whom we assume to be the one that shot down the plane. I have no idea how it was! Anyway, back to the plane story. So the plane is only feet from hitting the water when we see two caped people underneath the plane, lifting it up, saved all the people and Bruce as well! Brush immediately says ‘Clark…’, thinking it’s Superman, just as I did. But it wasn’t. We are introduced to Gotham and Gotham girl. They go on to tell Bruce that Gotham is THEIR city and they are going to protect it. The issue ended on this strong note! I have to say, I was very impressed with this issue, very good!

In conclusion, this was an AMAZING issue, you should grab it now and read it! As always, the link below allows you to grab it for only $2.99 and read it digitally instantly via Amazon/Comixology! This also helps support my blog to make sure I can keep bringing these reviews to you! Thanks for hanging out with me today!

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