Big Brother 18 – Blog #1

Big BrotherWe officially started a new season of Big Brother this week and I wanted to start a running blog to share my thoughts throughout the whole summer. I usually live tweet on Twitter, and probably still will, but I wanted to compile some thoughts for a blog as well. This is #1 of the season. Let me just say, as of the time of this blog I have decided to NOT get the Live Feeds this year so I am probably not up to speed as much as those that are. All my thoughts (currently) are based solely on the Episodes that air on TV. So let’s get started…

So the 2 hour premiere, as usual, introduced us to this season’s house guests. We found out pretty quickly there was 12 new people and then 4 returning people. Vanessa and I both predicted within 20 minutes that Glenn would be the first one to go. Although I think I liked him the best at that moment because he wasn’t just another contestant that fit into the mold. But we were right. I was quite happy to see that James returned and he wins my vote as least annoying cast member this season at the moment. I did like the competitions so far this season and the new twists, so we have that going for it! That’s pretty much all I have to say at the moment but below I do want to throw out a few early lists. My lists will likely change and evolve over time as we get to know the cast more and more.

5. Bronte D’Acquist0
4. Jozea Flores
3. Paul Abrahamian
2. Paulie Calafiore
1. Tiffany Rousso

If you notice the top 2 most annoying to me this year are the siblings of previous players that I also found highly annoying. The rest of the list is because of their current personalities.

Top 3 Favorites
3. Nicole Frenzel
2. Frank Eudy
1. James Huling

Again, if you notice the complete list of made up of previous contestants here. That should tell you my feelings about pretty much the whole new cast. And finally last but not least (it’s still VERY early but here are my current predictions)…

Prediction of Final 3
3. Paulie Calafiore
2. Michelle Meyer
1. Victor Arroyo

I feel like at times I am a bit bias after the past two seasons which both left a very bad taste in my mouth. BB 17 was much better than BB 16 but was still very lacking. BB 16 was the worst season of Big Brother in the history of Big Brother in my opinion and ever since then I did lose some interest. After last season again lost my interest that is what queued my decision to not go for the live feeds this year.

As I close out this blog I will make my prediction of who I think will be the second house guest to go home which will air on 6/30/16. I think this early on in the season Nicole will be successful in getting Jozea out of the house (I hope at least). However, I think Nicole will then be one of the two people to go on the block next. Let’s see how it plays out! I hope the excitement and energy returns for me for Big Brother. I am a huge fan and love the show so hopefully this season is huge!

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