Green Arrow – Rebirth #1

Green Arrow RebirthHello friends! Thanks for joining me in today’s comic blog! Today we are going to jump into Green Arrow: Rebirth! I have been very into the whole Rebirth idea by DC so far and I can’t wait to read this one! So let’s get started!

This issue was written by Benjamin Percy with art by Otto Schmidt and was released on June 1st, 2016. In the spirit of full disclosure here I have never read a Green Arrow comic before, so this is all new to me. I felt like this was as good a time as any to jump in! Right off the bat I felt a bit overwhelmed but I did learn a lot about Green Arrow. The story did a very good job introducing a story about a young boy whose mother was taken from him by the underground people. Then we get a nice Black Canary guest appearance which made me happy. The story then went on as Green Arrow and Black Canary find the kid’s father and then go after his mother only to find out that the underground people are auctioning off people. Green Arrow vows that he will find who is in charge of that and stop them. Then we end the story on a bit of a romance story note as they kiss. Overall I think it was a very fun issue and one I can’t wait to read more of!

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Star Wars: The Force Awakens #1

Star Wars 1Welcome friends! Today for our comic review I decided to dive into Star Wars: The Force Awakens issue 1!  This was released on June 22, 2016 with story by Chuck Wendig and art by Luke Ross. I’m not really that familiar with either of these artists so I’m excited to see what is in store for me! Let’s get started!

First I did love the way this comic did the intro and outro pages, stayed very true to the heart of Star Wars. As for the comic it is pretty much exactly the same as the movie. I think that’s the point here but I did enjoy getting to see the story unfolding in this format. I did feel like the art captured the feel nicely, the dialogue was well written and the pacing was nice. Issue one tells us the story from when Finn first helps Poe escape up to when he and Rey are about the board the Millenium Falcon. So one issue did cover a nice big chunk of the story. I wish more attention would have been paid to the first part where Ren was killing off the village to immerse us into the story of Finn more but I understand that they probably had a goal that the first issue needed to get to. But yes, this is a nice read for any Star Wars fan!

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Batman (2016) #1 – DC Universe Rebirth

Batman1Yea, I got hooked. After finishing Batman: Rebirth #1 I wanted to jump right into Batman #1 to see what this series had in store for me! I decided I would go ahead and blog about this one too and release it just a bit after the blog about Batman: Rebirth releases. So let’s jump right in!

This issue is written by Tom King with art by Matt Banning, David Finch and was released on June June 15th, 2016. ‘Ladies and Gentlemen, we are beginning our final descent into Gotham’. That is how we start the issue! Along with that we are greeted with some fantastic art as well!

The story is about a group of people on a plane that was hit by apparently an rpg type weapon that was stolen from Gordon. They hit the plane and are on the way into the city to hit a building which would lead to all those aboard’s demise but also many of those on the ground. We see the people on the plane complaining that they are in Gotham therefore they won’t be saved by a Superman or a Green Lantern. All the while, Batman is on the top of the plane making decisions to save the people. They are quoted as saying ‘a city gets the hero it deserves’. Batman finds a way to save everyone, the problem though, is that he has to sacrifice himself to make sure it happens. He has a very heartfelt talk with Alfred and we hang on as the plane heads toward the water for impact, which would certainly kill him. Before he hits the water though, we see someone in silhouette standing over whom we assume to be the one that shot down the plane. I have no idea how it was! Anyway, back to the plane story. So the plane is only feet from hitting the water when we see two caped people underneath the plane, lifting it up, saved all the people and Bruce as well! Brush immediately says ‘Clark…’, thinking it’s Superman, just as I did. But it wasn’t. We are introduced to Gotham and Gotham girl. They go on to tell Bruce that Gotham is THEIR city and they are going to protect it. The issue ended on this strong note! I have to say, I was very impressed with this issue, very good!

In conclusion, this was an AMAZING issue, you should grab it now and read it! As always, the link below allows you to grab it for only $2.99 and read it digitally instantly via Amazon/Comixology! This also helps support my blog to make sure I can keep bringing these reviews to you! Thanks for hanging out with me today!

What I have read so far:
Batman #1
Batman: Rebirth #1
DC Universe Rebirth #1

Batman: Rebirth #1

BM Rebirth 1After reading the one shot DC Universe Rebirth I had a decision to make. I had to decide which book I would jump into immediately right after that. I went back and forth for a bit but settled on Batman: Rebirth #1 as my next adventure into Rebirth. This comic is written by Scott Snyder & Tom King with art by Mikel Janin and was released on June 1st, 2016. Let’s get started.

So I was still in bliss after just finishing DC Universe Rebirth and wanted to take a few before I started Batman: Rebirth #1 but I just couldn’t help myself. Vanessa was painting and Zack was playing Minecraft so I just ran and took a quick break and headed straight back and started in on the comic.

Only a few pages in we see Bruce hanging by one hand, many stories up, in 137 degree temps in Gotham while talking to Lucius. That’s what I call dedication to training right there. The art is doing a very nice job of keeping me captivated and the writing is very nicely done as well. I got about halfway into the issue when a big reveal was made, Batman is ‘trying something new’ when it comes to a sidekick type situation. He then revealed what seemed to be a new Batman suit. Are we going to have two Batmen? Before I knew it I had reached the end of the issue. We got to see the aforementioned suit in a action just a bit and got a clever line by Batman before the issue ended. I was very impressed by the Winter pages art, very nicely done.

Overall I think this was a very interesting issue! Make sure to pick it up with the link below for only $2.99 and read it instantly on Amazon/Comixology!

What I have read so far:
Batman: Rebirth #1
DC Universe: Rebirth #1

Minecraft Craftables Series 1 Blind Pack – Episode 1

Today we are going to take a look at Minecraft Craftables Series 1 bling packs! We did a review of this as well over on our Youtube channel, CLICK HERE to head over and check that out! Make sure if you do to click on like and subscribe to our channel so we can continue to bring awesome things like this to you!

Minecraft Craftables series 1 is for ages 6+ and has a total of ten collectible figures. The detail is very nice on these and they are quite fun to put together. They also come in a nice ‘block’ that you could use to store and/or display your figure in. Our blind pack had a Pig Rider figure. It was extremely cute. I’m not sure if we will end up getting more of these or not but I am glad we at least got this one! Here are some pictures:

Pig Rider 2 pig riderAnd of  course if you want to get your own blind packs and see what you get please use the link below to buy yours! It helps support the blog and you get amazing deals as well! If you do decide to get some let us know in the comments which one you got!

DC Universe Rebirth #1 (One Shot)

RebirthI decided today to jump on into Rebirth. I’m not sure to what extent I am going to immerse myself yet but I decided to start at what seemed to be a good starting point. The one shot DC Universe Rebirth. This comic was released on May 25th, 2016 and was written by Geoff Johns. I have been excited to see what this had in store for DC for quite some time but haven’t jumped in until today. So let’s jump in.

I jumped right into the pages and was almost immediately greeted by Superman, Batman and quickly after that The Flash. I was immediately impressed by the artwork of Ethan Van Sciver, Ivan Reis, Gary Frank and Phil Jimenez. I quickly gobbled up Chapter 1: Lost and was in love immediately. From the internal monologue of Wally West to the creativity of using the Flash Point was brilliant. I knew right then I was hooked already.

The second chapter just kept getting me deeper and deeper immersed into the story, or the Microverse. I don’t want to reveal too many spoilers in this particular blog but the story just keeps getting better page after page. I soon reached the end of Chapter 2, yearning for more! Chapter 2 was called ‘Legacy’.

Without slowing down I jumped head first into Chapter 3. And as quickly as it started chapter 3, titled ‘Love’, had ended. We got to see Aquaman in this chapter as well as Wally West finding Linda only to find out she didn’t remember him! So is he lost forever? What’s going on?! Let’s keep reading!

I jumped quickly into Chapter 4. I will say it straight up, chapter 4 actually hit at the heart strings. I thought Wally West was a goner and when Barry saved him it really made my eyes watery. And at the end of this chapter we get to see Batman again, we are learning more about the ‘forgotten’ time. The story is getting deep, The Watchmen. That’s all I will say about that for now, but THE WATCHMEN!

Then I quickly (and sadly) jumped into the Epilogue. It had a strong few pages to solidify The Watchmen and created even more intrigue and mystery!

In conclusion, if you haven’t read this comic, you should, now. I have put a link at the bottom of this blog that you can click and buy it for only $2.99 from Amazon/Comixology. That is an amazing price for a comic, and this is a very long one too. I’m not sure how many pages there was but it was probably twice or three times the size of a normal comic. Another great thing about buying it from there is you can read it immediately. No waiting for it to come in the mail! If I understand correctly DC is going to price all the comics across the board $2.99 now, which is amazing. In any case, here is the link to purchase your copy!

Game of Thrones Season 6 – WHAT just happened?! A lot.

GoTFirst and foremost let me just say WOW. In this blog I am going to focus mainly on the finale as it seems more happened in this finale than in all the previous nine episodes combined. The whole season was a build up, and a great one, to this huge episode! Let’s discuss it a bit! Thanks  for coming to hang out with me today but if you haven’t watched the finale yet I would suggest you stop reading now, spoilers are incoming!

First and foremost we get to see how Cersei decided to deal with her trial from the seven. Instead of dealing with it she basically just decided to blow up half of the city. In that explosion, among countless others were Queen Marjorie and her brother and the High Sparrow! The outfit they had Cersei in was phenomenal, I see a lot of Cosplayers coming for this one. Oh and let’s not forget the King committed suicide! That means that Cersei is again on the Iron Throne….for now. And that’s the perfect segway into  the Queen of Dragons. At the end of the episode we see her finally on her way to Westeros with all her ships and troops that we have been building toward forever! A storm is coming Cersei, a Storm Born, you better look out. A few other things that I want to mention, Arya finally got her revenge on the Freys, all of them. I don’t know how many of my readers watch South Park but the way she handled her revenge was very Cartman-like. Kudos to those that get that reference. Oh and let’s not forget we find out that Jon Snow is the son of Ned Stark and HIS SISTER. Yea, that happened. The north and all it’s Houses have rallied behind Jon Snow and House Stark for the great war that’s coming.

Did I miss anything? I probably did. But man, so much happened! I think I hit all the big ones. In any case, an amazing season! I’m sad that it’s supposedly only going to go on for two more seasons but I can’t wait to see what happens next! Thanks for hanging out with me today everyone!

Big Brother 18 – Blog #1

Big BrotherWe officially started a new season of Big Brother this week and I wanted to start a running blog to share my thoughts throughout the whole summer. I usually live tweet on Twitter, and probably still will, but I wanted to compile some thoughts for a blog as well. This is #1 of the season. Let me just say, as of the time of this blog I have decided to NOT get the Live Feeds this year so I am probably not up to speed as much as those that are. All my thoughts (currently) are based solely on the Episodes that air on TV. So let’s get started…

So the 2 hour premiere, as usual, introduced us to this season’s house guests. We found out pretty quickly there was 12 new people and then 4 returning people. Vanessa and I both predicted within 20 minutes that Glenn would be the first one to go. Although I think I liked him the best at that moment because he wasn’t just another contestant that fit into the mold. But we were right. I was quite happy to see that James returned and he wins my vote as least annoying cast member this season at the moment. I did like the competitions so far this season and the new twists, so we have that going for it! That’s pretty much all I have to say at the moment but below I do want to throw out a few early lists. My lists will likely change and evolve over time as we get to know the cast more and more.

5. Bronte D’Acquist0
4. Jozea Flores
3. Paul Abrahamian
2. Paulie Calafiore
1. Tiffany Rousso

If you notice the top 2 most annoying to me this year are the siblings of previous players that I also found highly annoying. The rest of the list is because of their current personalities.

Top 3 Favorites
3. Nicole Frenzel
2. Frank Eudy
1. James Huling

Again, if you notice the complete list of made up of previous contestants here. That should tell you my feelings about pretty much the whole new cast. And finally last but not least (it’s still VERY early but here are my current predictions)…

Prediction of Final 3
3. Paulie Calafiore
2. Michelle Meyer
1. Victor Arroyo

I feel like at times I am a bit bias after the past two seasons which both left a very bad taste in my mouth. BB 17 was much better than BB 16 but was still very lacking. BB 16 was the worst season of Big Brother in the history of Big Brother in my opinion and ever since then I did lose some interest. After last season again lost my interest that is what queued my decision to not go for the live feeds this year.

As I close out this blog I will make my prediction of who I think will be the second house guest to go home which will air on 6/30/16. I think this early on in the season Nicole will be successful in getting Jozea out of the house (I hope at least). However, I think Nicole will then be one of the two people to go on the block next. Let’s see how it plays out! I hope the excitement and energy returns for me for Big Brother. I am a huge fan and love the show so hopefully this season is huge!

Munchpak Unboxing – June 2016

Munchpak3Welcome back guys! We have been working behind the scenes to basically re-brand what we are doing here at the blog! We decided to create a Youtube channel and go more into vlog reviews of things. Our first venture into this is live on Youtube right now, you can CLICK HERE to view it. Please do and make sure to click like and subscribe to the channel to help support us! Also, if you can make sure to share that link with your friends! That said, we are also going to be blogging right here on ChrisCarp’s Rambles about everything as well!

This month we got our very first MunchPak, we went for the Family Pak and boy was it worth it! The box came packed full of treats!
Munchpak1We did go through and try every single snack in there! ‘We’ being Vanessa, Zack and myself, you can see this happening in the video I was talking about before! Overall I can’t really say there was anything in this MunchPak that we hated. Of course some things were better than others but overall it was very good! Here is each of our favorite items from this box:
Vanessa- Honey Almond Nougat (South Africa)
Zack- Pea Crackers (Taiwan)
Chris- Covered Bridge Ketchup Chips (Canada)
ketThanks for coming and hanging out with us today! We hope you enjoyed this little blog and the Youtube Video! Have something you’d like us to review? Contact us!

Munchpak2Soon we will have a link that you can click on to order your very own Munchpak! Keep an eye here to see that!