Lego Dimensions Part 2

Today we move into the next day of playing Lego Dimensions! The game installed overnight and was ready to go when we got home from work today. And as a little surprise, Vanessa brought home a Dr Who Play Set for it as well, pictures at the end of the blog.

We played the main game for one segment, got to get the portal set up and build the Batmobile. Then we went through the Wizard of Oz level which was really fun. Then we decided to take a side track and do the Dr Who set and we played through enough to build the Tardis and K9 and the Doctor. It is an incredible story line so far, very fun! The only thing, so far, that I am not liking about the whole thing is the way the checkpoints work. I didn’t know that if you didn’t exit at a checkpoint you had to start all over. And I am still unsure if I exit at a checkpoint in the Dr Who section and exit to go play the main story if it will start me back where I was in the Dr Who part when I want to go back to it. And I’m afraid to try it because I’m an hour into the Dr Who one. And that’s unfortunate.

In any case, VERY fun and I am very excited to keep growing our set and keep doing the blog and showing you guys our collection!



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