Lego Dimensions – Part 1

Vanessa and I decided to invest in Lego Dimensions today (3/24/16) and along with that I decided that I would do a blog series about our journey through the game. In the blog series I will blog about everything we do, buy and thing like that. I will try to include as many pictures as possible as well.  I didn’t take pictures of the actual un-boxing or video it but for future additions I may do one or the other, or both, who knows.

Day 1 was the un-boxing of the game and initial thoughts were it looked awesome! I couldn’t wait to dig in. I popped the disk into the Xbox One and began the install. While it was starting I went ahead and hooked up the base and Vanessa started working on building the characters and the portal. There weren’t instructions on how to build the Batmobile so I assume that will be instructed in game. First and foremost, while she was building the Lego parts I was keeping on eye on the install process. An hour in and it was only at 47%. This wasn’t a huge surprise to me, when I got Fallout 4 it was about a 6 hour wait for install and I think Madden 16 was about a 5 hour wait. I decided to go ahead and call it a day and work on the blog for today for our progress.

Vanessa did get the portal as well as all 3 characters that were included in the set together. Pictures below. I also went ahead and ordered 3 other things to go with it that are supposed to arrive the first week of April, stay tuned to see what they are! I think the stuff she built so far turned out awesome, have a look at the end of the blog! But, in conclusion, I think it’s going to be a fun ride in this series! I’m somewhat sad and disappointed that we didn’t get to actually PLAY the game today but at least we did get to immerse into it in one form.



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