Marvel’s Daredevil – Netflix Original Series Seasons 1 and 2

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Okay so I hadn’t watched Daredevil on Netflix until about a week ago. I heard that season 2 was about to release and I figured I would give season 1 a shot to see if it was something I enjoyed. I ended up binge watching the entire first season in 3 days. The first season was incredibly well written, the acting was very good as well. I really did enjoy it, clearly. Then the next day season 2 came out. I was so excited about this that I ended up devoting the day to it and binge watching the entire season in one day! Yes, all 13 episodes in one day. It was INCREDIBLE. The second season actually takes it a step up from season 1 and that’s truly saying something.

Why did I enjoy it? To be honest I never was much of a fan of the Daredevil comics, I didn’t really read that many of them consistently. Similarly, I never really got into the movie either. These are probably the main reasons I waited so long to watch the first season. But I’m glad I did. The story is fantastic in this show, it really keeps you involved the whole time. You care about the characters very quickly and want to see the outcome. I loved the ‘world’ that they made for this universe, it’s gritty without being gritty for the sake of gritty, if that makes sense. This show is so good, in fact, that I am considering watching Jessica Jones as well. In any case, what did you guys think?

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