Deadpool (2012-2015) Issue 1

So in the spirit of the movie release (which I haven’t watched yet) I thought I would pick up an issue of Deadpool and check it out. So I finally decided to head over to Comixology which was having a sell on Deadpool stuff and picked up the first issue of the 2012-2015 series. This is the Dead Presidents story line written by Brian Posehn and art by Gerry Duggan.

I dove into this issue right away after buying it and I did find myself reading from start to finish without even looking up so it was indeed a captivating read. That being said, I don’t think it’s a comic that I would continually read, not sure why. I know that’s a crappy excuse but I find myself not really desiring to pick up the next issue. Don’t get me wrong though, the art is fun and the writing is great and if you’re a fan of this genre you’d love the comic. I did really like the concept of the past presidents coming back and wreaking havoc on society, that’s a pretty original and awesome concept to work from so who knows, I may end up picking up the rest of that arc at least at some point just to see what happens. In any case, take a moment and grab a Deadpool comic and check it out to see what you think! Especially if you enjoyed the movie you should really grab the comic to see where it all started! Everyone please remember where all these great movies are coming from, they are coming from comics so let’s keep that medium strong!

You can get your digital version or print copy here (at the time of this blog the digital version is on sale for 99 cents!):

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