Better Call Saul – Season 2 Episode 1

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It’s finally back! Better Call Saul returned tonight on AMC with it’s second season and I’m very excited! And even more excited by the fact that it will be followed by ‘Talking Saul’! So how was the first episode of the second season? Let’s jump in…

The episode opened up in a black and white opening with great music, back at the Cinnabon, great opening! They done a very good job building the frustration in that opening scene, it put you right there, trapped in the trash room, with him. Great acting and great writing.  ‘SG Was Here’. Yes!

Then we got to present time, back in color and into the show we go! Jimmy is considering taking the job but also wanted to make sure he and Kim still had a shot but decided to turn it down anyway. He has bigger plans, driving off humming Deep Purple! Jimmy is clearly fed up with mediocre stuff and decides to make a change, is this the beginning of Saul Goodman?! Let’s find out.

We get a Mike scene next which is always great, he’s spreading his wisdom, to no avail. This scene is very suspicious, Mike told him to not go along but he did and his meet up guy got his info from the car. I don’t think that leads to good things. This is a very sound character building tactic for Mike, which we know from Breaking Bad is going to be Saul’s most valuable resource.

So I will cut the blog to the end of the episode with final thoughts (I had written the blog as I watched it up until this point so this way it’s a bit of on the sport writing and a bit of after the fact writing. So we did get to see a classic scheme with Jimmy except this time Kim is in on it and it made me happy to watch it! And my theory was correct, not having Mike protect him he got screwed. The episode ended strong with Jimmy realizing Kim wasn’t going to show up and him taking the ‘safe’ road. A FANTASTIC episode and a strong opener! If you aren’t watching this show, you should be!

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