The Long Dark – Play through

TLDThe Long Dark is a FANTASTIC game that is available on Xbox One and the PC via Steam. I opted to get it for the PC although I do use the Xbox Controller to play it. It is one of if not my favorite PC game of all time. It’s basically a survival game that is truly about surviving in the wilderness, no zombies, no monsters, just you and the elements. This post is to keep track of how I do with each play through. The point of the game is to see how long you can survive.

Game 1Mystery Lake – Survived: 15 Days, 16 Hours and 26 Minutes. Date ended: 2/6/16

Game 2Mystery Lake – Survived:16 Days, 7 Hours and 54 Minutes. Date ended: 2/8/16

Game 3Mystery Lake – Survived: 20 Days, 4 Hours and 25 Minutes. Date Ended: 2/12/16

Game 4Coastal Highway – In Progress

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