The Walking Dead Season 6, Episode 10

The Walking DeadAfter last week’s HUGE episode of The Walking Dead I couldn’t wait to dig in to tonight’s newest episode! I just hope I didn’t over-hype it in my head before it came on (I am writing this part before I actually watch the episode, clearly). So how did it turn out? Spoilers ahead.

The first part of the episode came in and jarred me a bit because it seemed to have jumped forward a bit more than I expected. Carl is up and doing okay with just a bandaged eye, Alexandria is in decent shape and Rick and Daryl are about to go out on a food run. Things seem calm. Rick and Daryl find a truck filled with food, a huge score. At this point I posted on my Twitter (which if you aren’t following me you should FOLLOW ME now, or @chriscarp11!) that things were too calm, we could expect a big event to happen soon. Then we are introduced to a new character. It’s none other than Jesus from the comics! That means are about to get into some GREAT story lines! Rick started his questions but basically Daryl said no, so Jesus went on his way and took their food truck. The writers did a good job in that sequence of events making you feel a lot of sorrow for Rick and Daryl, well for the whole group really.

This episode really done a good job at spreading out the character time, we got to spend a little time with most of the cast, which is always a good thing. Even the Carl and Enid scenes were well done when usually I only like the Enid and Glenn interactions. We had a good scene of Daryl and Rick following the trail of Jesus, well, really it was mostly them running down the road and stopping long enough to establish in the plot that the doc that requested the soda is the one that saved Carl’s life. A side note, I’m very glad to see the Fear The Walking Dead scenes going on as well! Rick and Daryl do end up getting the truck back and leaving Jesus tied up and in the middle of the road with a Daryl flipping him the bird send off. At this point in the episode I just felt it in my bones that it still wasn’t right. Had Jesus and clan already unloaded the food? Did they do it on purpose so they could follow Rick and Daryl back? I didn’t know at this point but I just felt like it was too easy.

And it turns out that Jesus somehow ended up back on the roof of the truck and after a chase, same tag playing and a struggle the truck ends up in the lake, so no one gets the food. But we do see that Jesus is going to be a very funny addition to the show! We get to see Deanna return to the show in zombie form. We get some intimate time with Daryl and Rick which was very nice to help close the episode, and then some Carl time at the end too.  Then we close the show with Daryl, Rick and Jesus arriving back at Alexandria. We even get some Rick and Michonne time, even a bit of hand holding and kissing and yes, they did it! I didn’t see that coming!! Then Jesus just was right there in the room with a naked Rick and Michonne. Fun times!

All in all, another great episode, awesome character development! Now on to Talking Dead!

Deadpool (2012-2015) Issue 1

So in the spirit of the movie release (which I haven’t watched yet) I thought I would pick up an issue of Deadpool and check it out. So I finally decided to head over to Comixology which was having a sell on Deadpool stuff and picked up the first issue of the 2012-2015 series. This is the Dead Presidents story line written by Brian Posehn and art by Gerry Duggan.

I dove into this issue right away after buying it and I did find myself reading from start to finish without even looking up so it was indeed a captivating read. That being said, I don’t think it’s a comic that I would continually read, not sure why. I know that’s a crappy excuse but I find myself not really desiring to pick up the next issue. Don’t get me wrong though, the art is fun and the writing is great and if you’re a fan of this genre you’d love the comic. I did really like the concept of the past presidents coming back and wreaking havoc on society, that’s a pretty original and awesome concept to work from so who knows, I may end up picking up the rest of that arc at least at some point just to see what happens. In any case, take a moment and grab a Deadpool comic and check it out to see what you think! Especially if you enjoyed the movie you should really grab the comic to see where it all started! Everyone please remember where all these great movies are coming from, they are coming from comics so let’s keep that medium strong!

You can get your digital version or print copy here (at the time of this blog the digital version is on sale for 99 cents!):

Better Call Saul – Season 2 Episode 1

BCSBy Source (WP:NFCC#4), Fair use,

It’s finally back! Better Call Saul returned tonight on AMC with it’s second season and I’m very excited! And even more excited by the fact that it will be followed by ‘Talking Saul’! So how was the first episode of the second season? Let’s jump in…

The episode opened up in a black and white opening with great music, back at the Cinnabon, great opening! They done a very good job building the frustration in that opening scene, it put you right there, trapped in the trash room, with him. Great acting and great writing.  ‘SG Was Here’. Yes!

Then we got to present time, back in color and into the show we go! Jimmy is considering taking the job but also wanted to make sure he and Kim still had a shot but decided to turn it down anyway. He has bigger plans, driving off humming Deep Purple! Jimmy is clearly fed up with mediocre stuff and decides to make a change, is this the beginning of Saul Goodman?! Let’s find out.

We get a Mike scene next which is always great, he’s spreading his wisdom, to no avail. This scene is very suspicious, Mike told him to not go along but he did and his meet up guy got his info from the car. I don’t think that leads to good things. This is a very sound character building tactic for Mike, which we know from Breaking Bad is going to be Saul’s most valuable resource.

So I will cut the blog to the end of the episode with final thoughts (I had written the blog as I watched it up until this point so this way it’s a bit of on the sport writing and a bit of after the fact writing. So we did get to see a classic scheme with Jimmy except this time Kim is in on it and it made me happy to watch it! And my theory was correct, not having Mike protect him he got screwed. The episode ended strong with Jimmy realizing Kim wasn’t going to show up and him taking the ‘safe’ road. A FANTASTIC episode and a strong opener! If you aren’t watching this show, you should be!

The Walking Dead Season 6, Episode 9

The Walking DeadWow. I was so excited about the episode of The Walking Dead tonight that I was afraid I was going to over hype it in my mind and then I would set myself up to be disappointed. Boy was I wrong. This episode delivered, in a HUGE way. I venture to say this is one of the if not the best episode to date! So let’s dive in (spoilers ahead)…

So we start out the episode right where we left off, Negan’s gang is taking Daryl’s gangs stuff. Abraham is phenomenal in this scene (and the whole episode really). The scene builds up perfectly and then BAM, it delivers. I really thought we were about to lose a couple of characters right there in the first couple minutes. ‘If you have to eat shit, it’s best to not nibble’. This scene is just so well done from the writing to the acting to the music to the effects. A huge kudos.

Then we move on to the rest of the story, it is a quick hitting episode with so many good things I really didn’t know how to begin this blog. We seen so many characters come out of their shell in this episode, many of them long overdue but it was worth the wait for the special feeling that it gave us in this episode when they all pulled together and made a stand. I feel the need to mention Carl here as well, he done a great job in this episode and it truly made the viewer feel just as it should have when ‘it’ happened to him.

Then in comes the Calvary for some serious badassness to help! The scenes, the acting, the writing, the dialogue, everything in this episode went above and beyond everything I had pictured in my head! Don’t miss this one!

The Long Dark – Play through

TLDThe Long Dark is a FANTASTIC game that is available on Xbox One and the PC via Steam. I opted to get it for the PC although I do use the Xbox Controller to play it. It is one of if not my favorite PC game of all time. It’s basically a survival game that is truly about surviving in the wilderness, no zombies, no monsters, just you and the elements. This post is to keep track of how I do with each play through. The point of the game is to see how long you can survive.

Game 1Mystery Lake – Survived: 15 Days, 16 Hours and 26 Minutes. Date ended: 2/6/16

Game 2Mystery Lake – Survived:16 Days, 7 Hours and 54 Minutes. Date ended: 2/8/16

Game 3Mystery Lake – Survived: 20 Days, 4 Hours and 25 Minutes. Date Ended: 2/12/16

Game 4Coastal Highway – In Progress

Updates and current events

Hello everyone! I just wanted to do a quick blog to discuss a few things that are going on right now! First off I want to announce that I have officially started my YOUTUBE CHANNEL! I haven’t updated the blog in a while because I have been researching and working hard to get this thing launched! And it’s live now, make sure to go check that out and subscribe! I currently have two videos live to  check out. Don’t worry though, this blog is staying around too!

Next, The Walking Dead starts back this Sunday! I’m very excited to see what happens and to write blogs about it! I will most likely write a couple of blogs per episode, one for here and one for the other site I blog on. I was considering doing some kind of ‘hang out’ place for you guys to go and hang out and chat while The Walking Dead is on but I haven’t quite decided if it’s something that would be worth doing or not. So make sure to let me know if that’s something you’d like, to hang around with like minded people and watch/discuss the show as it airs.

And just a few more quick notes, a couple of shows that I am very excited about right now is Colony and starting Monday Better Call Saul comes back on as well! Also, I updated my ‘Games I am playing‘ page as I finally won my first online match on Madden! And I started playing one of those free xbox live gold games you get each month as well (I will put a video up of that on my youtube soon). But that’s it for now, make sure to subscribe to the youtube channel and stay tuned here for more fun!