Mr. Robot Season 1 Episode 1

MrRobotMrRobot intertitle” by Source (WP:NFCC#4). Licensed under Fair use via Wikipedia.

Today I wanted to check out Mr. Robot and share my thoughts. I haven’t heard much about this show nor do I really even know what it’s about going in so this blog is a fresh look at it from a clear slate. So let’s get started…

So as I said I went into this show without any prior knowledge of the show and not really knowing what to expect. The first 10 or 15 minutes of the show, though, really had me hooked. I have to say that Rami Malek is doing an INCREDIBLE job on this show so far. So to break it down from a broad perspective briefly the show seems to be about a hacker named Elliot that works for a security firm by day and a vigilante hacker at night. Soon into the show we are introduced to Mr. Robot, a group that is doing a new kind of hacking where it’s all down face to face with the real world as the encryption code. This episode really does a great job introducing the characters and really making the viewer care about the characters. Later in the show we see Elliot save the day from E(vil( Corp’s hacker and  that leads to the main part of the story line. The episode ends on a very cool note (no spoilers).

In conclusion, I did go into this show not really knowing if I would like it or not. But yes, if you’re not watching this show you should really at least watch the first episode as I think if you’re a fan of this type of story you’re going to love it.


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