Superstore Season 1 Episode 5

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Today we dive into the fifth episode of Superstore, I just had to watch and blog about this episode to see if it continued to deliver the comedy that the previous 4 episodes have so far! The episode just came on tonight and I am excited to get started, so let’s do it…

Before the opening title sequence I had already laughed twice. That’s saying something. In the first few minutes Glenn is trying to let everyone feel emotion and he really steps it up with the funny. He had me laughing during their meeting as well. The chemistry between Dina and Glenn really evolved in this episode, I think that’s going to be a fun duo to watch! In this episode we go introduced to Amy’s daughter, her acting is just like Amy’s, very good job! Dina’s line ‘Got ya you gorgeous piece of garbage’ was probably the funniest of the episode up until that point. Dina has really stepped up her comedy game this episode, she really shined! To be fair, Glenn also stepped up his game this episode too.  Jonah in the restroom was hilarious, I laughed so hard. The customer in the main story line is so accurate it hurts.

Between the few story lines that are active in this episode every one of them is very funny. This episode kept up the same quality of comedy and store as the previous episodes. The actors are really coming into their own on this show! VERY impressive and a very good show! If you aren’t watching this show yet you really need to!

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