Real Rob – Season 1 Episode 1

real robToday I am taking a look at the show Real Rob. It’s a series that follows Rob Schneider’s life as he navigates through his work life and his personal life. I at first thought that it was a Netflix Original but it seems it doesn’t carry that Netflix Original logo so apparently it’s not. It has one season up right now with 8 episodes. So let’s get into it…

So I went into this show not really knowing what to expect, I haven’t read any other reviews on it or really read anything about it. But when it started I could tell it was almost in the same vein as Seinfeld in that it boggles back and forth between some of his standup and the show. That said, I did enjoy this show and found it very funny. It’s a different kind of humor and it really works in this episode. The chemistry between Rob and the stalker guy is very good, they are great on screen together. The acting is very nice and the writing is good as well. The jokes are funny enough to make you laugh and keep you entertained throughout.

In conclusion, yes, I think this show is definitely worth watching! Check it out!

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