Scream Queens Season 1 – Episodes 10-13

So after watching the season finale last night I figured I would write a blog to wrap up the Scream Queens writing for this season. I shared my love for the series in my blog about the first nine episodes and that continued right through the rest of the episodes of this season. Yes, I now a lot of people are saying the finale wasn’t great, a lot of people are saying the season tanked in both content and numbers. But I disagree, I disagree completely. Like always, this does contain spoilers so if you haven’t watched yet, don’t keep reading.

The series was amazing, it was fun, it was climatic, it was written well, the acting was great. There was only one small element I didn’t like about the first season (which I will address later), the rest was leaps and bounds better than most things out this year. To see this compared to Glee sincerely makes me disgusted. This show was fun while still being intelligent but not series enough to be full of itself. Sure, it had a lot of cheesy moments, but that’s the point. There are quotes from the show that are just outright hilarious. In the finale episode the scene with Chad and Denise is just outright hilarious, I laughed a lot at that one. The killers revealed finally, saving Hester to be the mastermind behind it all, was enough of a shock to make and keep the show interesting throughout the series. I loved that Pete was involved in it because I had called that from early on.

So, with all the great things about this show there was one thing that I didn’t like. I didn’t like that they had the story all tidied up into a neat bow with content, happy viewers (in my mind) and then they put in a final scene with a Red Devil again. Now, I know most ‘scary’ shows have to go out with a sort of scare but we clearly heard Hester say her Red Devil days was over (and she didn’t really do much of the Red Deviling as it was), yet, we have to assume that’s her there to make sure the Chanels don’t enjoy their punishment. I dislike this for two reasons, one it’s too much of a cliffhanger type scenario for a series that I assume won’t be a season to season story. And second, because it makes it too obvious that the ones accused of the crime weren’t the actual criminals.

That being said though, what a GREAT show! If you didn’t watch it, do yourself a favor and do so now!

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