Twitch Viewing

Last Updated 12/31/15

Hey guys! I had an idea for a little blog that I wanted to put out today. I, like many others, sincerely enjoy heading over to Twitch and watching some of my favorite streamers take on games I like to see. So I thought I would do a little blog about some of my favorite streamers to watch. I will update this list as I continue watching, watch new or stop watching streamers. I will put a little blurb by each one that I list so there is a reason I like to watch them listed. They are in no particular order, yet. If you want to check them out just look for the name over on If you aren’t familiar, Twitch is a great place where you can be in a community of people watching people play games while interacting with their chats, it’s really fun. I would love to take up streaming on there at some point but sadly the internet available in my area simply won’t allow it. In any case, here is my list.

DanGheesling – A nice, clean stream that is safe to enjoy with your kids typically. He plays a lot of good games as well, currently mostly focused on Star Citizen. Probably my favorite streamer/YouTuber to date.

PlexiStan – Plays a lot of Kerbal Space Program, which is one of my favorite games to watch people play, and to play. He’s from France (I believe) but his stream is in English. Very talented player he is.

ej_sa РAnother streamer that is very cool and relaxed and plays a lot of Kerbal Space Program. His ability to make Space Shuttles and other complex  builds is nothing short of amazing.

GiantWaffle – A very popular streamer and probably my go to streamer when I am in the mood to watch someone play Minecraft. Very talented and very detailed work this streamer provides in the game.


I have many other streamers that I follow but I will only keep the running list of the ones I watch the MOST and I will update this blog often to include or remove as needed.

Xbox One Games playing/beat

Last Updated 3/28/16

Okay so as a new little fun thing I am going to start listing what games I am playing currently on the Xbox One, what games I have already played and have beaten.¬† I used that term loosely as a lot of games, while they have been beaten they may still be on the playing list as well, basically that just means the main story line is beaten, but the game isn’t finished. If the game is finished (based on achievements) I will put a special note beside those, but I expect there to be very few of that category. This post will be updated regularly. This ONLY applies to Xbox One, not Xbox 360, PS3 or PC gaming. Xbox One is my newest system and easy to remember so I figured it was somewhat of a fresh start. So, here goes:

Fallout 4
Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition
Valiant Hearts: The Great War
Kings Quest (Finished Episode 1)
Madden NFL ’16 (Still playing online and another Franchise Season)
Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 (Currently playing multiplayer)
Lego Dimensions (Beat main story but still playing)
Far Cry Primal

Lego Dimensions (Loved It) [Beat 3/27/16]
The Walking Dead Season 1 (Loved It) [Beat 12/26/15] {Uninstalled}
Batman: Arkham Knight (Loved it) [Beat date unknown]
Madden NFL ’16 (Won the Superbowl with Panthers) [Beat 12/20/15]

Zoo Tycoon (Leisurely play when bored maybe)
How To Survive: Storm Warning (Uninstalled, lost interest)
Metal Gear Solid V (Uninstalled, didn’t like)
Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag (May revisit)
Magic Duels (Uninstalled)

Game 1: Loss as Panthers 23-20 (12/31/15) vs Vikings
Game 2: Loss as Panthers 20-18 (12/23/15) vs Packers
Game 3: Win as Panthers 21-28 (2/12/16) vs Steelers
Game 4: Loss as Panthers 14-7 (2/12/16) vs Steelers

Ultimate Champions Online Game
Game 1: Loss as 49ers 42-0 (2/12/16) vs Seahawks

Merry Christmas

Hey guys! I just wanted to put up a quick blog to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and to extent a personal THANK YOU for helping make this blog successful this year! As of this post my blog was at 8353 original hits, that’s incredible to me! So, yes, thank you so much for reading my nonsense and for continuing to come back and read blog after blog. If anyone has any suggestions about what they’d like to see more/less blogs about feel free to comment on here and let me know. I’m debating doing some fun things like making a running list of games I am playing, games I have completed. Perhaps making a running list of what I am reading, etc. I don’t know for sure yet. But I will continue to blog about the main things, TV, comics, Movies and games! Thanks again for hanging out with me an from my family to yours, please enjoy this holiday season!



The Expanse – Season 1 Episode 1

Going into this blog I want to make it clear that I have not read the books this was apparently based on so I’m going into the show with a fresh view on the subject. The show was brought to my attention and I decided to check it out. The first episode could be watched early online, so I did just that. It releases on TV on December 15th. So what did I think of the show…

Based on the first episode, it seems like it’s going to be pretty good. I LOVE space, I love worlds that are set in space. I went into the series with very high expectations. I won’t say that all those were met, by any means, but I wasn’t disappointed either. From my understanding thus far it’s based in a world where Earth, Luna (the moon I think), Mars and then the asteroid belt has been settled. The ‘belters‘ work on the asteroid belt and supply things to Earth and Mars I think. They don’t think that’s fair however, and apparently there is a revolt in the making.

Then, we move on with another story line of the crew of a ship that was apparently gathering ice to talk back to the asteroid belt. They get a distress signal, initially decide to ignore it and then end up going to investigate. Clearly, it was a set up because a Mars Vessel (or so we are led to believe) sends a nuke and blows up the ship. A few survivors are in the small shuttle that went to investigate so they are spared the explosion. We had a moment of the girlfriend in the story saying ‘you should know’ and the boyfriend never got to find out what that was. I’m assuming that will be a lingering story line for the show. Based on the way they were introduced she was probably pregnant. But in any case, it was a nice introduction to the show. It had plenty enough potential to make me want to check out more episodes. The acting was good, the characters were interesting, the world was interesting and the graphics were nice. So yea, check it out!

Manifest Destiny – Issue 1

I decided to dive into another book by Skybound (an imprint of Image Comics) today called Manifest Destiny. It is created and written by Chris Dingess, pencils and inks by Matthew Roberts, Colors by Owen Gieni, Letters by Pat Brosseau and edited by Sean Mackiewicz. As a huge fan of The Walking Dead and since Robert Kirman is the head honcho over at Skybound I figured I would give another book in that imprint a shot. And I am glad I did.

I was drawn to the cover for this series, very well drawn, very well designed. The comic is a take on Lewis and Clark as the head to the west. But this time around they are sent by the president to basically clear the west of monsters. Most of the characters in the book (the soldiers and criminal soldiers) don’t know this, they think they are just protecting them from the Native Americans, but that isn’t the case. I found myself stopping on multiple occasions just to take in the beauty of the scenery that Matthew Roberts brings to us. The story flows nicely as well. By the end of the issue I was very glad I decided to give this book a shot. They did end up encountering a monster, a horse/man of some kind. Not much other info was given about it, but it was encountered underneath this HUGE arch that they don’t know what is.

Overall, a very good first issue that I am glad I picked up. I may decide to put this comic in my reading list, who knows. If I do I will most likely blog about it, if not, well probably not. In any case, do yourself a favor and check out this series if you are interested in the sort of thing I have talked about above. It’s only 99 cents currently on Comixology!

The Walking Dead (comic) – Issues 1 – 136

So I decided to start a blog about the comic of The Walking Dead (since I already do a show blog too). Now, based on the title you know this blog is covering a LARGE chunk of issues, so don’t expect me to discuss even a small percentage of what all has happened in the comic. This blog may and most certainly will contain spoilers, so if you haven’t read any of the comics, don’t read this blog unless you just want the info.

Let me start by making it clear up front this is one of my favorite comics. I have only read up to issue 136 so far so I don’t know what has happened beyond that as I try very hard to not read any spoilers about issues beyond where I have read. For this blog, I am going to give my thoughts as a whole on the whole series since it’s such a large chunk of issues. Then if I do blogs for smaller groups of issues I can go into more depth for issue by issue, like I do the episodes on TV. But in any case, for this blog, here we go…

The world that started it all, The Walking Dead world. Robert Kirkman and company got me hooked from the first issue of this series by creating a world that was needed badly for the zombie genre. It was a world that was ongoing where the characters could be developed (and killed), where we weren’t rushed to hurry and get to the point. It was a world where we get to immerse ourselves into the world and image how hard it would be to survive. The series so far has dealt with a lot of topics from the walkers themselves to the people to the struggle of hunger and so on. That being said, there are still SO many things to be introduced! There are so many monumental moments in the comic so far I won’t even attempt to name them all (read them for yourself, Comixology allows you to download them and read instantly if you’re into digital comics). But I will say the current story line is dealing with the Whisperers, people that wear zombie skin and travel among the herds to stay safe with the walkers. They use the walkers to stay safe, yes, you heard me right. That is a BRILLIANT take on a way to survive in this world! There are other story lines going on such as in the most recent issue I read Carl had just nearly beaten two boys to death with a shovel. Rick’s direction is there is no need to kill anymore so this does cause quite the stir.

Overall, I really enjoy reading this comic, even though I am not 100% caught up on the issues I love it when I sit down and read a few issues to get caught up! If you aren’t reading this series, you should be. If you love the show you should read the comics as well. They do not spoil one-another and both are tremendously enjoyable.

—Other Notable Things I’m Excited About————————-
Perhaps going to read Manifest Destiny by Skybound
Man in the High Castle
Started a new novel (details later)

Scream Queens Season 1 – Episodes 10-13

So after watching the season finale last night I figured I would write a blog to wrap up the Scream Queens writing for this season. I shared my love for the series in my blog about the first nine episodes and that continued right through the rest of the episodes of this season. Yes, I now a lot of people are saying the finale wasn’t great, a lot of people are saying the season tanked in both content and numbers. But I disagree, I disagree completely. Like always, this does contain spoilers so if you haven’t watched yet, don’t keep reading.

The series was amazing, it was fun, it was climatic, it was written well, the acting was great. There was only one small element I didn’t like about the first season (which I will address later), the rest was leaps and bounds better than most things out this year. To see this compared to Glee sincerely makes me disgusted. This show was fun while still being intelligent but not series enough to be full of itself. Sure, it had a lot of cheesy moments, but that’s the point. There are quotes from the show that are just outright hilarious. In the finale episode the scene with Chad and Denise is just outright hilarious, I laughed a lot at that one. The killers revealed finally, saving Hester to be the mastermind behind it all, was enough of a shock to make and keep the show interesting throughout the series. I loved that Pete was involved in it because I had called that from early on.

So, with all the great things about this show there was one thing that I didn’t like. I didn’t like that they had the story all tidied up into a neat bow with content, happy viewers (in my mind) and then they put in a final scene with a Red Devil again. Now, I know most ‘scary’ shows have to go out with a sort of scare but we clearly heard Hester say her Red Devil days was over (and she didn’t really do much of the Red Deviling as it was), yet, we have to assume that’s her there to make sure the Chanels don’t enjoy their punishment. I dislike this for two reasons, one it’s too much of a cliffhanger type scenario for a series that I assume won’t be a season to season story. And second, because it makes it too obvious that the ones accused of the crime weren’t the actual criminals.

That being said though, what a GREAT show! If you didn’t watch it, do yourself a favor and do so now!

——Other Notable Things I’m Excited About————————-
South Park Finale
AHS Hotel